An instrument made just for the plant world

Experience Music of the Plants

Here are four ways to experience plant music, what others can you think of?

Permanent and Temporary Installations

When the public encounters a plant musician, they connect to nature in a way never before imagined. The realization that plants and trees can actually interact through music is both moving and sparks a new level of discussion about the consciousness of nature. By featuring Music of the Plants in an artistic or public installation, you will also be educating people on what is necessary to create a sustainable society.

Enhanced Wellness and Recovery

Science shows us that being around plants and trees, both indoors and outdoors, significantly improves our physical, mental and emotional well being. Doctors and holistic health practitioners alike are actively researching the effects of the Music of the Plants in numerous settings—including home, hospitals and the workplace—to better understand how plant music shortens recovery time and aids in overall healing.

Personal Contact with Plant Consciousness

Contact with plant intelligence provides deeper insight into ourselves and the world around us. Studies show that plants in homes and workplaces help to reduce stress, increase productivity, enhance employee attitudes, lower operating costs and improve air quality. A personal connection to nature inspires us to create a world where the environment doesn’t need protecting because it is an integral part of who and what we are.

Plants and Students: Friends for Life

Music of the Plants explores and illustrates the fundamental tenet that all life is connected. By providing a practical experience of plant intelligence, students from young to old can perceive the intricate relationships between humans and nature, ushering in a new era of respect for our environment. You will never forget the moment you are finally able to hear the invisible sounds of nature.

The Plant World Expresses itself with Music of the Plants

About Music of the Plants

A partnership between Devodama and Solerà
An instrument that gives sound to plant perception

Since the 1970s, Damanhur—a resilient Federation of Communities with its own constitution, culture, art, music, currency, schools and uses of science and technology (—has been researching communication with the plant world. As part of this research, they created instruments that are able to capture the electromagnetic variations of the surface of plant leaves and their root systems, and turn them into sounds and movement.
Scientists have long known that plant life communicates via pheromones and positioning. Music of the Plants has pushed this even further, deciphering and recording plant impulses and interactions through the development of a device that, when clipped onto a plant’s leaves and roots, reads electrical variations. These in turn are fed into a MIDI instrument and converted into music in real time, which varies based on the response of the plant to stimuli in the environment. Extensive research continues today as we become increasingly conscious of the innate ability of nature to communicate with us if we have the tools to listen.

  • Perception

    Discover a new language to better understand the plant world.

  • Artistry

    Learn about the delicate interplay between humans and nature.

  • Healing

    Experience the health benefits of listening to plant music.

  • Appreciation

    Create a new level of awareness and awe in public settings.

Bring it home

Purchase the Music of the Plants Device, Music and Book

After years of research, thanks to a partnership between Devodama e Solerà, the Music of the Plants U1 is now publicly available with vendors in various parts of the world:


Crystal Castle contact


Bellaret - Centrum voor evolugrafie contact +328 9568545

Canada East

Clear Intentions contact +1 416-488-3714

Canada West

Emerald Voices Music of the Trees contact +1 250-335-1143


Damanhur Hrvatska - Centar Talej contact +385 1 4619-854


Charlotte Bech, MD contact +45 45 33 31 54 44


Pépinière Botanique contact +33 (0)5 58 89 06 62


Derrynagittah contact +353-(0)61-924268


Solerà contact +39 0125 789940


Damanhur Tokyo contact +81(297)74-9598


Plug & Plant contact +31 30 273 3868


Dr. Stevi contact +34 607 794 628

United Kingdom

Cygnus Review contact +44 (0)1558 825 500

United States

Brigid's Way contact +1 717-629-8426

United States

Damanhur Colorado contact +1 720-939-7028

If you find yourself in a country where there is no vendor, please contact us directly to purchase a device or become a distributor. While you wait, check out the Music of the Plants Book and CD:

The book

Plants perceive sound and love to play music.

This is demonstrated by studies and experiments conducted in academic research and, more importantly, by the experiences of many researchers and musicians who teach plants to use electronic, musical equipment to play and sing along with them.

The research into plant intelligence, plant sensitivity and the willingness of plants to communicate with us opens our minds and our hearts to a new vision of nature and to unprecedented opportunities to dialogue with the plant world... buy the book here.

The CD audio

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