Guided by Trillium

  When people discover that you can communicate with Plants, there are several common reactions. The first is denial, they think you are making it up. The second is awe. Sometimes the awe leads them to think that I have super powers and suddenly all must go well in my life. 🙂 Instead, communicating with Read more about Guided by Trillium[…]

Snowdrop’s Medody

We have listened to our plants play music for the last 14 months. Lone got the Music of The Plants CD produced at Damanhur as a birthday gift in August 2014. When we realized that the Music of the Plants was offered for sale, we bought one in January 2015, and started playing with potted plants in our home. Read more about Snowdrop’s Medody[…]

Music of the Sacred Woods Temple of Damanhur

Reprinted from Damanhur Community Blog: Zigola, a Damanhurian citizen and singer born in the Netherlands shares about an artistic co-creation with nature in the Sacred Woods Temple of Damanhur, dedicated to children. I’m one of the fortunate people that live in the Sacred Woods of Damanhur, a woods with spirals and labyrinths for healing and Read more about Music of the Sacred Woods Temple of Damanhur[…]

Emerald Voices: musical trees in Canada

The relationships we have here at MotP headquarters with our vendors is one of the highlights of this work! We not only get to hear about all the amazing activities and life-changing research they are involved with, but little-by-little, we get to know their trees and plants as well. Our very own network of families Read more about Emerald Voices: musical trees in Canada[…]

When the Natural and Digital Worlds Collide

UK-based audiovisual artist Oliver Jennings explores what happens when the natural and digital worlds collide and charts the intersections between the two. His film practice started as a means to explore graphic design in a more dynamic way and has evolved into installation work, video direction and live visual performances. In this video, he takes Read more about When the Natural and Digital Worlds Collide[…]

Shifting the Paradigms of Plant Understanding

Seriya Cutbush, founder of Akshaya Healing, has been one of the first practitioners to be offering Music with the Plants in Australia. Seriya currently presents Music of the Plants throughout the Byron Shire, Sydney, Gold Coast and Brisbane and regularly at the Crystal Castle and Shambhala Gardens. Learn about Seriya’s work with plant music: Thank Read more about Shifting the Paradigms of Plant Understanding[…]

An Amazing Experience with Music of the Plants

Another amazing experience with the Music of the Plants this week thanks to this beauty, Begonia! The most incredible experience that I have had thanks to the Music of the Plants was with a Begonia this past January in Kauai (a story for another time). However, since then I have heard from other people about Read more about An Amazing Experience with Music of the Plants[…]

Big success for “Music of the Plants” in Cagliari

Even the city of Cagliari (Italy) has offered a warm welcome to Music of the Plants, with a standing ovation for Dino Dino Raccagni and Costantino Mazzanobile, president of the association Aloe Solidale onlus, organizers of cultura, natural and musical events.   “Un numerosissimo pubblico composto da famiglie e bimbi, ha partecipato alla conferenza-incontro esperienziale, presso Read more about Big success for “Music of the Plants” in Cagliari[…]

Sourced Cuisine: Q&A with Tigrilla Gardenia

Jessica McLeish of Souced Cuisine interviewed our Tigrilla Gardenia about her work with plant intelligence and the Music of the Plants Here is an excerpt and a link to read the full article: Ever thought about singing to your plants to help them grow? Well, what if your plants could sing to you? I visited Read more about Sourced Cuisine: Q&A with Tigrilla Gardenia[…]

Julie Andrews in awe of the Music of the Plants!

On 21 May 2014, the Music of the Plants appeared alongside Dame Julie Andrews and Ian McKellen on The One Show on BBC. Christine Walkden presented Edelweiss, Pinapple and Fern, three plant musicians which performed before a live audience. Here are the clips of their various interactions:         FacebookTwitterPinterestRedditTumblrBufferStumbleUponDiggLinkedinYummlyemail