Bamboo, the instrument that gives a voice to plants!


Here are four ways to experience plant music. What other ways can you think of?

Public Installations: Permanent and Temporary

When people encounter a plant as a musician, they connect to nature in a way like never before. Discovering that all kinds of plants, including trees, can express via music is moving for so many and sparks a new level of discussion about the consciousness of Nature. When you feature The Music of the Plants at an artistic or public installation, you also educate people about the relationship between plants and humans to create a sustainable society.

Wellness: Enhance Treatments and Recovery

Scientific studies show that being around plants, both indoors and outdoors, significantly improves our physical, mental and emotional well being. Doctors and holistic health practitioners alike continue to actively research the effect of The Music of the Plants in various settings, including the home, hospitals and the workplace, to better understand how music created by plants shortens recovery time and aids in overall healing.

Personal: Connection with Plant Consciousness

The contact with plant intelligence allows for deeper insight into ourselves and the world around us. Studies show that plants in the home and workplace help to reduce stress, increase productivity, enhance employees' attitudes, lower operating costs and improve air quality. A personal connection to Nature also inspires us to create a world that is eco-friendly and eco-conscious because we realize we are an integral part of Nature along with the plants.

Learning: Plants and Students–Friends for Life

The Music of the Plants explores and illustrates the fundamental tenant that all life is connected. By providing a practical experience of plant intelligence through their music, students of all ages can perceive the intricate relationship between humans and Nature, ushering in a new era of respect for our environment. You will never forget the first time you were finally able to hear the invisible sounds of nature.


Since the 1970s, Damanhur — a Federation of Communities with its own constitution, culture, art, music, currency, school and uses of science and technology ( — has researched communication with the plant world. As part of this research, they created an instrument able to perceive the electromagnetic variations from the surface of plant leaves to the root system and translated them into sound. Science increasingly supports the concept that plants operate with an innate intelligence and logic diverse from our own. Music of the Plants has taken research of plant intelligence and plant perception to another level. By deciphering and registering the impulses and interactions of plants, they have developed a device that uses a MIDI interface to transform the plant's resistance from a leaf to the root system into music. Extensive research continues today as we become conscious of the innate ability of nature to communicate with us when we have the instrument to listen.


Hear the plant world express itself with the Music of the Plants


The Music of the Plants will touch your heart and change your mind

Find out how to communicate with the Plant World!

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