Another amazing experience with the Music of the Plants this week thanks to this beauty, Begonia! The most incredible experience that I have had thanks to the Music of the Plants was with a Begonia this past January in Kauai (a story for another time). However, since then I have heard from other people about

Even the city of Cagliari (Italy) has offered a warm welcome to Music of the Plants, with a standing ovation for Dino Dino Raccagni and Costantino Mazzanobile, president of the association Aloe Solidale onlus, organizers of cultura, natural and musical events.   “Un numerosissimo pubblico composto da famiglie e bimbi, ha partecipato alla conferenza-incontro esperienziale, presso

Jessica McLeish of Souced Cuisine interviewed our Tigrilla Gardenia about her work with plant intelligence and the Music of the Plants Here is an excerpt and a link to read the full article: Ever thought about singing to your plants to help them grow? Well, what if your plants could sing to you? I visited

Planternes musik i Nyt Aspekt magasin

Jeg er ikke i tvivl om, at ikke alene er planter sansende, de har også unikke personligheder, siger Tigrilla, som forsker i plantekommunikation i Damanhur i Italien. Planterne kan lære at spille varieret og i harmoni med andre planter og menneskelige musikanter. Læs hele artiklen her    

On 21 May 2014, the Music of the Plants appeared alongside Dame Julie Andrews and Ian McKellen on The One Show on BBC. Christine Walkden presented Edelweiss, Pinapple and Fern, three plant musicians which performed before a live audience. Here are the clips of their various interactions:        

Sting was interviewed by the Italian online magazine Io Acqua & Sapone where he talked about how he is using the Music of the Plants in his vineyards.: “In Tuscany, in the Palagio, your 300 hectares home produces wine and honey. Why did you chose to set up an agricultural, eco-friendly business?” “I felt the