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Music of the Plants in the Danish romantic comedy ‘Venuseffekten’

Scanbox hold the rights to the Danish romantic comedy ‘Venuseffekten’, which will be released in theatres on November 18th in Denmark. Venuseffekten is a romantic love story with several comedic elements, and it can best be described as the closest you can come to a “sustainable” and “organic” film.

Click here to see the part of the film with Music of the Plants.

The young woman Liv lives in the outskirts of Denmark, where she works at her parent’s planting nursery. When she meets the adventurous and chaotic Andrea from the big city, her values are put to a test while she slowly falls in love with this flamboyant young woman. It’s a film about carrying on the legacy of one’s parents, about living the simple life in the countryside vs. the energetic big city, but it is also a celebration of nature.

This is the debut feature film from director Anna Emma Haudal who is the creator of the huge local TV-series hit ‘Doggystyle’ which was the most streamed series on the Danish national broadcast site with over 1 million viewers, when the first season was released in 2018. Anna Emma is enormously taken by nature, which plays a huge part in her story. In the film, the character Andrea is partly working as an artist, and she uses a U1 device to make music from plants.

We are very honoured by this collaboration, and may Plant Music inspire many more people!


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U1 DEVICE Music of the Plants:

Tree Orientation: the world’s biggest magic operation with Nature

Tree orientation is a project with the aim of reactivating the deep connection between trees and human beings, to re-establish the ancient alliance that united these very different species.

Trees, through their specific sensitivity and intelligence and the weaving of their roots, are the largest and most powerful “living computers” on earth.

We are all part of the same spiritual ecosystem, and our survival and evolution depends on the presence of these extraordinary beings.

Today, tree orientation involves hundreds of people around the world who are passionate about this mission. They use specifically prepared Selfica pendulum as a mediator between human energies and those of the plant world.

“Selfic technology” that was introduced more than forty years ago by Falco and which has been developed at Damanhur ever since. Selfica creates objects mostly made of metals and special inks that serve as conduits for highly specialized energies that can interact both with humans and the environment.

Once there are enough trees oriented in an area, the energy increases so much that the trees themselves are able to send a superior vibration to all the plants around, through the tight weaving of their roots.

Once it has reached a sufficient critical mass of oriented trees, they will be able to adapt themselves more effectively to the increasing ecological degradation and to actively interact with other species, including humans, to generate creative responses and solutions. The current planetary crisis can only be resolved through the union of diverse species and forces.


The operation is driven by Global Tree Net. Their purpose is to launch a global campaign of awareness and celebration of the relationship between humans and trees. At the core of this initiative is a specific technique devised in Damanhur.

People from all over the world are invited to participate, adding their unique artistic, cultural, and spiritual approaches.

The basic idea is to connect to the world of trees and with this intention, open heart and mind, walk towards the trees we want to orient.

With the Pendulum, the Selfic Paiting and the personal Spheroself people walk around each tree three times. It is necessary to have the orienting tool in your hand, close to your body or if you orient in a group of people, handing it around a very big tree from hand to hand.

All the oriented trees are counted. Specific information about a tree, like the age, hight, width or special stories are important. The map of all oriented trees around the world is always updated.


If you like to participate to this incredible magic operation, please visit the website:

Are you a plant? Here’s the way to become an artist!

Plants communicate

Even though we are only realizing it now, plants have been communicating in many ways, with awareness and intentionality, for millions of years. Plants have learned to communicate accurately and precisely in many ways because of their sessile nature, which does not include escape as a defense strategy!

Plant Neurobiology

Today, a new science is finally clarifying the incredible potentialities that have been expressed by Plants over millions of years of evolution (even though they appear, to our superficial gaze, motionless and silent beings). This Science is Plant Neurobiology, represented in Italy by Prof. Stefano Mancuso, Director of the L.I.N.V. International Laboratory of Plant Neurobiology. He is also the author of many books in which he describes the ongoing research of Plant Intelligence.

Communication between plants

Plants communicate through the production of B-VOC (Biogenic Volatile Organic Compounds), which are thousands of aromatics, smells, essences, etc. produced and perceived by the roots, leaves, trunk, and flowers in the form of Aromatic Compounds, Essential Oils, Resins, etc. These BVOC are released into the air and transported even thousands of kilometers away, allowing plants to acquire and disseminate useful and valuable information.

Plants communicate through a root system via hormones and diffusible compounds that are carried by very small fungi (Micorrize) that connect the roots of many Plants in a forest, creating a sort of Wood Wide Web, equivalent to a Social Internet Network.


Plants produce electromagnetic fields

Plants also communicate through the variation of Electromagnetic Fields produced by the Neurobiological Activity that takes place between the roots and leaves. These Electromagnetic Fields are very dynamic, constantly changing and adapting to everything that happens in the environment, soil and wind in response to variations in sunlight, air movement, the presence and quality of water, and also in response to interactions with animals or people. These variations are perceived by insects, bacteria, fungi, animals and other plants, creating a social fabric from which we humans, risk being excluded.


Can plants communicate through music?

Plant Neurobiology has taught us how to detect, in real time, these subtle variations in Electromagnetic Field, which can be processed by specific software and transformed into Variations of Musical Notes. This allows plants to communicate with us humans in an intelligent way! Since the 1980s, the research group referred to as: Solera’s “Music of The Plants”, has collected thousands of sound testimonies from Trees, Plants and Vegetable Organisms, creating Plant Music Concerts, deepening the research in communication skills of the plant world.

A.I.Me.F. (Italian Association of Forestry Medicine) and Prof. Stefano Mancuso, Director of L.I.N.V. (International Laboratory of Plant Neurobiology) create an artistic group in 2018, thanks to a Project shared at the Master “Vegetal Future” at the University of Florence. They gave birth to “The Plant Players“, which literally gave a Voice to Plants!


How plant communication is translated

Thanks to the Music of the Plants devices and the team, Italian Association of Forestry Medicine, hundreds of “Musical Scores” have been recorded directly from the Plants. These scores have been generated from Plants in excellent health, during experiences of interaction with Experts in Forestry Medicine, Experts in Plant Osteopathy, Botany and Herbal Medicine, in Certified and Healthy Places (such as the Pimpinella Garden in Bologna, or Villa Bardini in Florence), transmitting to us humans all the Wellness that each Plant can offer.

The musical tracks are elaborated by means of special sensors able to detect the variations of the electromagnetic field produced from the roots in the soil to the leaves on the foliage of the plants. These signals are immediately transduced, by means of special algorithms and software, in a sound format, pre-setting only the scale, the timbre and the execution times. The application of the sensors is absolutely non-invasive and non-traumatic for the Plant. The Music can be immediately received thanks to a special amplifier and can be simultaneously recorded in real time on MIDI track by means of software and appropriate digital instrumentation.


Plants have Intellectual Properties and Royalties!

Thanks to agreements with CDBABY and SIAE, the Plants have Intellectual Properties and Royalties!

The recorded Musical Track is particular and specific, since, on one hand, it follows the electromagnetic variations linked to the physiological mechanisms of the given Plant via their xylem flow, phloem flow, root pressure, evapotranspiration, communication mechanisms, hormonal production and BVOC. This sequence is recognizable as a Fundamental Track present in all the Plants of a given species (usually a sequence of 4 or 5 specific notes). On the other hand, the elaborated Musical Track is also connected to individual variations linked to the surrounding environment and to the context with which, at a specific time and in a specific place, while the Plant is interacting with wind, air, sun, animals, insects, other plants, human beings, etc. These individual variations change continuously, even in the same Plant, “recorded” at different times.


Plants can learn to play

We have noticed a Learning Process in Plants. If they are connected to the instrument for the first time, many Plants seem to express themselves in a more “mechanical” way and with wide latencies and pauses, compared to the same Plants that, after some time, return “to make music”. The second or third time they experience more artistic expressiveness, interact with the environment in a more explicit way and seem to have learned how to better manage this possibility of communication.

Plants listen to music

In fact, Plant Neurobiology has shown that Plants are able to listen to music, sounds and vibrations. This listening ability is already used in many contexts to improve the quality of food production and the quantity of the harvest. We have also verified many times how the Plants connected to the sensors and made able to “perceive” the music they produce, quickly learn to interact with musicians who produce sounds or songs next to them with various instruments. The plants can manage the rhythms, pauses and times in a way that appears completely congruous, conscious and sensitive. This incredible experience can be witnessed by participating in one of the Plant Music Concerts realized by A.I.Me.F. in many locations in Italy, including the Garden of Pimpinella (Marzabotto, BO)


Plants can produce “Work of Ingenuity”.

The musical track elaborated by a Vegetable Organism is, therefore, something unique and unrepeatable, which can be considered the same as a “work of ingenuity” and therefore subject to the same rules for the protection of Intellectual Rights. Law 633/1941 protects “works of the intellect of a creative nature that belong to literature, music […] whatever their mode or form of expression”.


What are the requirements for the Protection of Copyright in a Musical Work?

  • The first requirement is the “creative character”, which refers to a “personal and individual expression of an Opera” (Cass. 28/11/2011, n. 25173, in Foro It., 2012, I, 74.1). The Work, in order to be Protected, must contain in itself the expression of the “personality of its author”.
  • The second requirement is “novelty”. A Work must be considered a novelty to be protected. It cannot voluntarily reproduce, in a direct or strongly evocative way, a creation of another.
  • A third requirement is “originality”. An Original work represents the result of the Author’s individual creation.

The law considers Original (and therefore subject to Copyright Protection) work that has been created independently by an Author, as a new and original expression of the author’s personality that contains a minimum amount of unrepeatable creativity. Each of these characteristics have been demonstrated by A.I.Me.F. and The Plants Players Group, through the Musical Recordings of the Song of Plants, allowing the Plants to become a new entity with Intellectual Rights!


The serious job of a Plant-artist

From every Location certified as Suitable for Forestry Medicine, The Plant Players make:

  • Digital Music Album, called The Musical Gardens with 15 to 20 tracks
  • The Album contains Songs of all kinds of Plant Organisms: Flowers in soil or in a vase, Plants, Grass, Large or small trees, Roots, etc.
  • During Recordings, the Plants are treated with care by E.O.V. Plant Osteopathy Experts and Forestry Medicine Experts.
  • The scores are registered on the International System of Protection of Digital Music CD Baby (
  • The Canto delle Piante is made available on the A.I.Me.F. website, in the Canto delle Piante App and through Digital Music Managers, including Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Deezer and many others!
  • For each Plant there is an Information Sheet that highlights specific characteristics, the information on Therapeutic Potential in the treatment of diseases and rebalancing of Emotions, and the historical, subtle, symbolic and magical aspects of each Plant.


Live concert of a Plant-artist

Geolocalization is given for each “Scores Authoring Plant”, so that she can be visited by Fans who have received well-being and healing by listening to her specific song, to meet her, thank her and listen to her “Live”!

– For each “Scores Authoring Plant”, there is a Backstage through Photographs and Video stages which share the artistic-scientific-therapeutic experience of recording the Song of the Plant.

– For each “Scores Authoring Plant”, the complete score is transcribed in PDF with notations and execution times, made available on the website and in the APP.

In this way, from the Digital Music Servers, the App, or the A.I.Me.F. website, anyone who wishes can listen to a Song from their favorite or therapeutic Plant can obtain benefits and promote their health!


Plants are selling music tracks

Those who wish to purchase an entire piece of music (lasting from 3 to 10 minutes) and acquire the rights to use the Scores for their own arrangements, can do so through dedicated Sites. It is possible to acquire every single piece for a donation of 0,99 € (discounts are possible for the acquisition of an entire Album). Each donation produces Royalties, which are provided by A.I.Me.F. directly to the Authorship of the track, through the representative  of the “Curator”, who will be responsible for protecting the health of the Authorship of the track, or to encourage the dissemination of plants of the same species, thus complying with the biological objective of every living being: to stay healthy and disseminate their genome.

Your Donation is a small and important step to change the way you think about Plants and so you will change the whole World!


Do you want to register the musical score of your Plant?

If you are interested in registering a Song from the Plants in your Garden, please contact!

After cataloging the score and acquiring the Intellectual Rights in the name of the Plants, you can receive a Digital Album from Your Musical Garden for individual and group listening to promote Meditation and Health!

The subtle information conveyed by the acoustic vibrations of the Music, reproduce the electromagnetic vibrations of the Plants themselves and the therapeutic principles connected to them.

Request INFO at


See also the interview with Paolo Zavarella about “Il Canto delle Piante”


Paolo Zavarella

Doctor, Osteopath D.O. and Expert in Plant Osteopathy E.O.V. The clinical activity and the passion for scientific research on Osteopathy and Bionatural Health Promotion Disciplines led him to collaborate with Universities, Schools and Associations in Italy and Europe.

President of A.IMe.F. (Italian Association of Forestry Medicine).

Paolo Zavarella

💥 Be Researcher! Be Plants Lover! Be part of the innovation with us! 🌿

Do you have the feeling  that plants are sometimes communicating something to you?
Would you like to ask how your potted cyclamen is doing?
Do you think plants have an intelligence but “Science” struggles to admit it?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, we can now reveal the tool that can revolutionize your beliefs about the world of plants.

Bamboo Control Software is a revolutionary software that allows you to see the electrical signals of the plants in real time. That will allow you to check and potentially understand the behavior of the plants.

It is an extraordinary opening of a new era in plant research not only for scientific laboratories but for all the passionate persons ready to discover more about the Plant World.

💥 You can buy it here!

Bamboo control software setup page

An incredible software that is ready to use and can monitor the electrical activity of your plant in real time using our device Bamboo. From your PC you can see how the environmental and external agents can affect the life of this being.

If you’ve read the book “The Secret Life of Plants” by P. Tompkins and C. Bird, Cleve Backster’s experiments with a galvanometer will immediately come to mind. He demonstrated how a plant could be connected with his thoughts and emotions even miles away.

Our spiritual mission is the unification of the Mother Worlds of Plants and human beings. The first step is therefore the awareness that Plants are evolved living beings that possess a consciousness and a high collective intelligence.

How does it work?

Bamboo is measuring the resistance of the plant between 2 electrodes. One electrode is placed in the ground near the roots and one electrode is clipped onto the leaf.

The device measures the Total Resistance that is a combination of 3 measures:
1.            the intrinsic resistance of the plant
2.            the resistance of the contact between the leaf and the metallic clip
3.            background noise

The Bamboo Control Software reads the instant total electromagnetic value of the plant and produces a graph that can be easily read by you!

At the moment the software is in Beta Test so still under development. Your part, as a researcher , by giving us  feedback is fundamental.

Be connected with the Plants Word and be part of the innovation with us!

Find out how to communicate with
The Plant World

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