What if I don’t get any sound from my plants?

It is necessary to know that the plant retransmits what it perceives of its environment, thus multiple factors can “prevent” the plant from emitting vibrations, like for example:

– the leaf is too dry. Moisten its surface.

– a lack of water in the ground or city water that is too chlorinated.

– a pot that does not allow its roots to breathe.

– a forced culture or with chemical fertilizer.

– stress from you or the plant.

– Too much movement in the room. A quiet place is better.


Choose a thin leaf or a soft petal, taking care that the thread does not pull on the branch by the weight.

NB: Plants with thick cuticles (shiny surface on the leaf as in camellias for example) can be listened only in bloom, by placing the sensor on a petal. Hard leaf prevents the transmission of electrical signals.

Can I record the sound on my computer or on my smartphone?

Yes, you can record the sounds with an audio recording application on your smartphone (Dictaphone for example). Then you can share it like any other media.

You will need the “Smartphone cable” sold on the site. Note that this cable will also allow you to send the sound to the computer through the online application https://voice-recorder-online.com


Can the device play even if it is not connected to a plant?

The Music of the Plants device is a biofeedback. We could say that it is near to a measurement machine that measures the electrical impulse between 2 electrodes. We have seen that in some circumstances such as a high humidity environment (like tropical areas or summer season) there could be the transmission of very low voltage current between the 2 electrodes due to the fact that humidity is a good conducting medium.

Do I need a specific cable to use the Bamboo MIDI output?

If you want to use MIDI signal to compose music with your favorite professional music software, Bamboo M has 2 different approaches.


Connect Bamboo to computer (PC or MAC)

If you would like to supply the MIDI signal directly to computer, use a normal USB cable (already included in the box).

  • Plug micro-USB cable into Bamboo “USB port”
  • In menu go to SETTINGS – OUTPUT MODE and select “MIDI-USB -> PC”


Connect Bamboo to MIDI interface (5 pins/DIN plug)

If you would like to supply the MIDI signal directly to an external MIDI interface like a synthesizer or mixer, use the special MIDI-Jack cable (jack 3,5 – 5pins/DIN plug).

  • Plug MIDI-Jack cable into Bamboo “Audio OUT” jack socket
  • In menu go to SETTINGS – OUTPUT MODE and select “MIDI-Jack>Synth”

The special MIDI-Jack-cable can be purchased at our online store.

Can I produce professional music with U1 and Bamboo?

Of course! You can listen by yourself a small selection of all the music albums already produced with our devices into the music and book section of the shop.

Also you can hear some music experiences on our YouTube channel by clicking here.

You can use the most common music software like:

  • FL Studio
  • Garage Band
  • Ableton Live
  • Logic Pro
  • Cubase
  • Pro Tools
  • Reaper
  • …and many others

Why can’t I listen to the music recorded on the SD card?

The music recorded on the Bamboo SD card is a specific and original file property of Music of the Plants. The music can be listened to only with the Bamboo or with the Bamboo Control Software.

It is a .txt file and NOT a music file as .mp3, .WAV or other format. So it cannot be read with computer, phones or other supports.

How can I change language?

This is an easy process.

Just press up arrow to go to “setting menu”, press “right arrow” to enter, then press right arrow” or left arrow” to find your language.

Why do I need to wet the leaf before clipping it?

The contact between the leaf and the clip needs to be good enough to establish electrical conductivity between the two elements. Water is a very good conductor and can improve the contact. If “bad contact” appears on the device, make sure that the leaf is sufficiently moistened. You can use our gel available in our online shop.

When you put in contact two different elements a third layer is created in between the two made of dust, dead cells, microbubbles of air, pores. To have an excellent connecting interface you can use water that can adjust the different irregularities and increase conductivity.

What does it mean “await signal”, “no signal” “music playing”

After connecting the sensors, the Bamboo should indicate “await signal” because it’s exploring the range of all possible resistances. When the device finds the exact working point, where the plant is reacting, it starts playing with the message “music playing”.
When the message “no signal” appears, it means that the electrical signal is not strong enough to be detected. At this point you need to moisten the leaf again or you could try to unplug and plug the sensor so that the device can scan the resistance range again.

Also we suggest watching the very intuitive tutorial for images that you find on the homepage.

How do I plug the sensors?

One sensor needs to be gently clipped on the leaf and one sensor needs to be inserted in the soil.
Remember always to moisten the leaf with some water or our specific gel before clipping the leaf. Water increases the electrical conductivity thus increases the precision of the signal.
If the device stops playing make sure that the contact with the leaf or the soil is moistened enough.
Also we suggest watching the tutorial video  “How to use Bamboo M  with Zigola Pioppo clicking here.

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