Plants versus Pills for Healing

Plants versus Pills for Healing

Since the beginning of time humans used plants for healing along with the elements of the Earth. It has been said that the way people knew which plants were used for which ailment was through the plants communicating with humans.    Many tribes and shamans I have met in the Amazon share that they have

4 Uses of Plants to Elevate Your Energy

Plants are our allies when it comes to healing and creating sacred, sanctuary space. They are natural born healers and therefore when we allow them to be a part of our daily lives, we see great benefit. With these 4 simply uses you’ll instantly elevate your energy.   1) Decorating a home or office with

Nature and Plants Meditation - Tucano

Contact with Nature through Meditation

How Nature and Plants Help Meditation My name is Tucano Noni and as a teacher and practitioner of meditation, I’ve used meditation to support my spiritual development and I use it to rebalance my body-mind system. Recently I had the intuition to use meditation to contact Nature, specifically the plant kingdom. I also used the