Plants communicate Even though we are only realizing it now, plants have been communicating in many ways, with awareness and intentionality, for millions of years. Plants have learned to communicate accurately and precisely in many ways because of their sessile nature, which does not include escape as a defense strategy! Plant Neurobiology Today, a new

Do you have the feeling  that plants are sometimes communicating something to you? Would you like to ask how your potted cyclamen is doing? Do you think plants have an intelligence but “Science” struggles to admit it? If you answered “yes” to these questions, we can now reveal the tool that can revolutionize your beliefs about the

Satu-Aamu Kangas shares with us that an article was published in the August 2016 version of the magazine Sielunpeili in Finland about her work with the Music of the Plants. The magazine is published by Karprint Oy and is available throughout the country. If you happen to speak Finnish, pick up a copy and let us know your

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Fill Your Holidays with Plant Music!

[embedyt][/embedyt] As a token of appreciation for all your support, Lavender and Nu-Mex Twilight composed this small song for you. Our small staff has been so overwhelmed by the amount of positive feedback about the Music of the Plants that we have not been able to properly communicate what is happening here in MotP headquarters—and there is

Another magazine article about the Music of the Plants, this time in the Croatian magazine Astral. Camaleonte Olander, one of the original researchers on the project, talks about the history of plant music at Damanhur and how we should relate to the knowledge that plants can communicate. Should we, and how, change our relationship towards

  Every week, a team of facilitators at the Crystal Castle and Shambhala Gardens in Australia take their guests on a journey of contact and exploration with nature using the Music of the Plants. Azriel ReShel is one of these facilitators. “It is an amazing and magical experience to hear the plants sing. I love

Christine Saramito came to Damanhur to write an article about community life in harmony with nature, but when she discovered the Music of the Plants, she knew instantly that this would be her main focus point. In the January issue of the French magazine Plants & Santé, Christine explores the intelligence of life via the

Even the city of Cagliari (Italy) has offered a warm welcome to Music of the Plants, with a standing ovation for Dino Dino Raccagni and Costantino Mazzanobile, president of the association Aloe Solidale onlus, organizers of cultura, natural and musical events.   “Un numerosissimo pubblico composto da famiglie e bimbi, ha partecipato alla conferenza-incontro esperienziale, presso

Jessica McLeish of Souced Cuisine interviewed our Tigrilla Gardenia about her work with plant intelligence and the Music of the Plants Here is an excerpt and a link to read the full article: Ever thought about singing to your plants to help them grow? Well, what if your plants could sing to you? I visited

On 21 May 2014, the Music of the Plants appeared alongside Dame Julie Andrews and Ian McKellen on The One Show on BBC. Christine Walkden presented Edelweiss, Pinapple and Fern, three plant musicians which performed before a live audience. Here are the clips of their various interactions: