Shipibo, Amazonian Shamanism. A tradition that uses interspecies collaboration and plant intelligence, including Ayahuasca, for spiritual evolution and healing.    This is the extraordinary story of Francesca, an apprentice Onaya (Healer), who lived on the border of Peru and Brazil in close contact with the ancient Amazonian Native Shipibo People.     The journey of healing

Discovering the Music of the Plants® was a Divine gift during the time I was embarking on another segment of deep inner work with my spiritual music and spiritual marriage.     Connection with Source through unique music I have been composing and creating music meditations since 1990 and working with over seven sacred languages

TV thailandese ThaiPBS

La TV thailandese ThaiPBS ha realizzato un sevizio durante la visita alla Federazione di Comunità di Damanhur, dove hanno incontrato anche Aninga per la Musica delle Piante. Passando dalla Damanhur Crea sono giunti in Solerà, dove produciamo e vendiamo l’apparecchio della Musica delle Piante. Min 22:02 Music of the Plants

Festival Itaca, Rimini 7, 8 e 9 Giugno 2019 IT.A.CÀ, il primo e unico festival in Italia sul turismo responsabile, coniuga la sostenibilità del turismo con il benessere dei cittadini. Music of the Plants sarà presente l’8 e il 9 Giugno per un concerto interspecie.

Maker Faire, Berlin dal 17 al 19 Maggio 2019 Maker Faire è il più importante spettacolo al mondo sull’innovazione. Un evento family-friendly ricco di invenzioni e creatività che celebra la cultura del “fai da te” in ambito tecnologico. Saremo presenti come espositori per presentare la Musica delle Piante.

A day in the wood

The forest is an environment that can open up to more than one dimension of the existing one. When we are walking together in such a place we create links that we can not imagine. Why is this happening? The trees are interconnected … much more than us! When we relate to a tree, we are not

On the 27th and 28th of May we attended the 1st International Festival of The Music of the plants in ParcFloral, Paris. We have had the privilege to meet with some researchers and scientists who study plant intelligence, as well as the great live concerts with musicians and plants together. Conference on Genodica Plant for

Musical Dialogues of the Third Kind

Music has the ability to open many gates of communication, and we know this very well. It makes us dream; it evokes feelings and different kinds of states in us; it heals; it lets us express ourselves. As a Musician and Sound Healer, I know this aspects of music very well. But what I have

Centrum voor evolugrafie (Belgium) is a centre that works with different techniques to help you to re-adapt on physical, emotional and mental levels. During the sessions, you learn to go out of your comfort zone and break with your ill-making habits which are manifested through your thoughts. Bellaret recently started using the Music of the

“I recently completed a project in a primary school in county Galway, Ireland, where I came in about once a week to teach a class of 27 six-year-old children about wild plants and trees. Each one of my visits lasted about three hours, during which the children got to know a particular wild plant, through