Chinese ink painting inspired by plant music


Do you think plant music is just a tool for pleasure?

That it’s just an object to increase your ecological sense?

That it’s just a musical instrument?


Also… but not only!

By now we have collected so many creative and alternative experiences. Not only music of the plants albums but paintings, visual works, books, creative spectrograms, light games, dances and various body compositions.


We interviewed Alejandra Alesso to present you her admirable artistic work through Chinese ink painting representing the mountain flowers of Argentina.


What is your beginning? How do you get inspired to create these works? 

My teacher lives in Neuquén, a lonely house two kilometers from the road, two kilometers that I used to observe the flowers on the way to her house, and they were the ones that I chose to be painted later.

On that walk, surrounded by flowers and cliffs that embellished the landscape in the distance near the Neuquén mountain range (30 kilometers from my house), Los Riscos Bayos, which I describe as part of the landscape there are one of the three places in the world with rock formations of this type. These were generated by the accumulation of volcanic ash thousands of years ago where erosion and time gave them that particular shape.

In that magical and unique place my teacher taught me to paint and develop the Xieyi painting style.

This style is free, spontaneous, of few and simple brushstrokes where the spirit is reflected in the shapes that emerge, where meditation and contemplation are necessary requirements to achieve the work.

There, in that place when the hot months arrive, the green bursts, plants, flowers and birds fill the environment with life.

During the remaining months of the year, the snowfalls completely change the landscape, covering everything in white and the harsh winter brings days with temperatures down to -20C.

There, in that place, my dear teacher Maggy Eve Risdon, taught me to paint while I listened to her stories about the Tao and Chinese philosophy.

I became interested in meditation and mind control techniques, as well as deepening my knowledge of Chinese culture, its history, philosophy, calligraphy, seal carvings and also its millenary medicine.

How does plant music help you?

Since I was a child I had a very particular connection and perception with plants, not only I feel attracted, I have the joy of finding flowers wherever I go, I stop to study their shapes, colors and even their perfume, I also notice that on the same path, others do not stop to appreciate them.

Generally I have the sensation of vibrating in their same frequency and when I discovered that I could measure their vibration and listen to them in a musical language, it was a before and after for my life, for my art, for my way of seeing them!

How does it allow you to get closer to nature? 

Now I paint listening to the music they emit, this makes my inspiration much more powerful and I connect much more with it!

This is reflected in the energy that I try to transmit in my work, I try and look for that magical dialogue to happen when it is observed by the observer, who can perceive this too!

Have you discovered something interesting listening to music of the plants? 

I have discovered that their music inspires me much more, that I have a particular vibration in the connection with the plants, which allows me to meditate actively!!! Before in my Chinese Painting classes, I meditated with music from the internet today all my students enjoy meditating with plant music!!!

In your experience, how can plant music help artists? Do you recommend it?

I recommend every artist to have their little Bamboo device in their workshop.

The music generated by the plants that decorate our environments have life and are talking to us through technology.

Thanks to this technology one can create, relax, feel the harmonized environment through the sounds we hear, I not only recommend it for artists, I am convinced that this technology can be more than useful to people who practice yoga, meditation, doctors, psychologists, alternative therapists, elderly, breastfeeding children to sleep, I can think of many alternatives in which music and plants can be a tool for enjoyment and tranquility.


See the video made by Fundacion ICBC about Alejandra. On min. 6:45 she talks about Music of the Plants.  



ArtistTeacher, and Designer in Caviahue, Argentina

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