Contact with Nature through Meditation


How Nature and Plants Help Meditation

My name is Tucano Noni and as a teacher and practitioner of meditation, I’ve used meditation to support my spiritual development and I use it to rebalance my body-mind system.

Recently I had the intuition to use meditation to contact Nature, specifically the plant kingdom. I also used the Music of the Plants during my experimentations and in this post I share some of my findings that may answer some of your questions regarding nature, meditation and the vibration of plants. 


Nature Induces Meditative States

Connecting to the realm of plants is a natural ability that humans have, but it has been partly lost in contemporary western culture. The good news is, it can easily be reactivated and offers us considerable benefits.

In fact, when we are immersed in nature it does not take much to get in tune with her frequency and experiment with states of consciousness different from our usual one.

We have all had the experience of entering into a forest, or finding ourselves in the middle of a grassy meadow, feeling serene, relaxed, and in a light state of being, while at the same time feeling the depth of our being.


Electromagnetic Fields Created by Plants

Plants create a “field” in which we can dive into. Studies have shown that plants create an underground network with their roots, which allows them to be interconnected. This network is similar to a huge brain or complex computer that spreads throughout the entire planet via billions of connections that allows plants to exchange large amounts of information.

However, plants are also connected through the electromagnetic fields they produce, and if they wish through this field they can communicate with each other and other creatures.


There are moments when these fields are not produced, such as when the plants are feeling uncomfortable or are at rest.

This “field” is created by what we can imagine as a “song,” intoned by different plants composed of electromagnetic vibrations. This dense symphony then permeates us, activating an immediate psycho-physical response within us, which we can perceive through our change of state.


The Speed of the Plants

Plants appear to be still, but in reality they grow and move constantly. Their activity is intense and vital, but their speed of “movement” is very different from ours–It is much slower.

In the traditions of the Peoples most connected to nature and the plant kingdom it is said–to “communicate” with plants one must stand still beside them.


In fact, when we move, to them, we are very fast. They perceive us as thunderbolts that cross the environment.

When we are in contact with Nature, and we tune into the slower rhythm of plants and their deep, quiet state, we experience states of well-being and serenity.


How Music of the Plants Changes Brain Waves and Can Help Meditation

Our brain activity can be measured. We can distinguish the various electromagnetic waves of different qualities that are produced according to the activities in which we are engaging. 

Beta waves are the brain waves connected to the state of wakefulness and to most daily activities, which are considered a “faster” rhythm.


Alpha waves are those that are produced in states of relaxation and meditation, and are typical brain activity of those engaged in a yoga session for example. In the Alpha state there is generally a synchronization and balance between the right and left hemisphere.  In this state the level of endorphins is usually higher and there is a feeling of expansiveness, lightness, and a deeper connection with oneself and the surrounding world.

Tuning with the electromagnetic “information field” of plants we are led naturally to experience the alpha state, which is more in tune with their natural state of being.


Music of the Plants device uses the principle of biofeedback to capture the “field” of electromagnetic information that plants produce around them and transforms it into music so that we can perceive it consciously and, following its variations, our mind is gently guided into the alpha state of meditation.

The practice of meditation in contact with plants is an exciting adventure that leads us to a real exchange with these creatures in a way that expands our awareness, balances our emotions and helps us find a state of psycho-physical well-being.


Connection with plants facilitates a state of meditation, which has these characteristics:

  •  a decrease in the number of thoughts
  •  physical relaxation
  •  the perception of deeper parts of oneself
  •  the sense of connection with the “All”


As with anything, consistent practice helps us refine our abilities, and this is also true for meditation and connecting with Nature and the plant world.



Tucano Noni - Music of the Plants

Tucano Noni – Life coach, healer, teacher of alchemy, meditation and self hypnosis techniques

Follow her on instagram @tucano_noni and Facebook @tucanononi

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