Earth Day 2022: 3 special events in Palermo


3 Music of the Plants events in Palermo on the occasion of Earth Day on April 22, 2022 in the incredibly fascinating locations of Maredolce Castle and the Botanical Garden of Palermo. As special guests as many as 4 famous artists played with plants and entertained the audience.


Maredolce Castle – April 22, 2022 

Maredolce Castle is an Islamic-style building in Palermo that dates back to the 1200s.

Terrier Kauri, marketing and product development manager of Music of the Plants presented the project. Davide Signa, our Sicily liaison and agronomist, introduced the fascinating concept of plant intelligence and its impact on human life.

Lucina Lanzara, famous singer and musical experimenter entertained the audience with a touching improvised performance with a centuries-old olive tree.


Palermo Botanical Garden – April 23, 2022

The Palermo Botanical Garden is a established in 1789 that has more than 12,000 different species of plants.

Our Terrier introduced the project starting with the history of scientific research on plant intelligence.

Then he introduced Giovanni di Giandomenico, a pianist and composer from Palermo who created 4 wonderful improvised pieces with a young potted oak plant full of life.
Together they also did sound experimentation using synthesized sounds and instruments from Ableton, professional PC software.

Here a short video.


Palermo Botanical Garden – April 24, 2022

The Gymnasium building is the main body of the garden designed in the neoclassical style by French architect Léon Dufourny.
After a short and entertaining presentation of the first experiments on plant music in Damanhur in the early 1980s, no less than 3 outstanding artists followed, enrapturing the audience in the completely full h


Margherita Riotta sang by connecting to an oak tree in a sort of man/plant embrace that moved the audience almost to tears.

Tita e il canto fatato con la Pianta. Orto Botanico 24 aprile 2022 - Music of the plants


Then it was Valerio Milone’s turn with his Chinese gu-zheng and harmonic singing.


Finally Lucina Lanzara who involved the audience in a shamanic healing chant together with a harmonious sounding oak tree.

Lucina Lanzara canta al concerto intespecie Musica delle Piante - Orto Botanico di Palermo - 24 aprile 2022

One of the moments of greatest pathos was the final Quartet between the performers, Tita, Valerio, Lucina and the Oak plant.
It was, without fear of contradiction, one of the most powerful experiences we have ever had with plant music.


Here the video of the final Quartet.



Click here if you want to see the full video of the event.


Special thanks to:

  • Davide Signa (agronomist and responsible for Music of the Plants in Sicily)
  • Lucina Lanzara (singer –
  • Giovanni di Giandomenico (pianist and composer)
  • Margherita Riotta – Tita (singer)
  • Valerio Milone (overtone singer and gu-zheng)


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