1st International Festival of the Music of the Plants

On the 27th and 28th of May we attended the 1st International Festival of The Music of the plants in ParcFloral, Paris. We have had the privilege to meet with some researchers and scientists who study plant intelligence, as well as the great live concerts with musicians and plants together.

  • Conference on Genodica Plant for Genodics, basically the study of the amino acids that make up proteins, a method to transpose the sequences of genome audible frequencies or colors. (France)
  • Solerá as a production company of the device of Music of the Plants, made a historical and technical presentation of research started in Damanhur 40 years ago. (Italy)
  • Jean Thoby‘s conference: all the experience of his team has been carried out, the use of plant music in various contexts including health. (France)
  • Botanical Concert with Geranium and Fern with vocalist Laure Charrin and double bass Renauld Garcia Fons.
  • Concert on piano with Roman Kawasaki and orchids and ferns. (Japan)
  • Alexandre Ferran conference on the use of the device with the addition of software to offer plants a kind of keyboard where besides music they could also express words. (France)
  • Experience with connecting the device to a Bonsai of 1796 which offered a very mystical concert. (France)
  • Conference with Ernst Zürcher, a specialist in natural sciences that has carried out his research on the impact on the cosmos with plants, botanical ball music, electricity and plant memory. (Switzerland)
  • Simone Vitale‘s concert guitarist with different plant species: Anthurium and Spathafillium. (Italy)
  • Concert with the Master Plants group, a jazz quartet of improvisation with wild orchids (Denmark)

[Website with more information about participants: Pepiniere Botanique]


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