Experiencing healing with voice and plants


Discovering the Music of the Plants® was a Divine gift during the time I was embarking on another segment of deep inner work with my spiritual music and spiritual marriage.



Connection with Source through unique music

I have been composing and creating music meditations since 1990 and working with over seven sacred languages of ancient spiritual prayers and sacred wisdom teachings.   My mission is to help with the development of a deeper connection with Source through unique and spiritual music.

An unexpected change of occupation led me to an experience in the greenhouse at work with a whole host of exotic plants.  After a year of passing through this greenhouse, I was drawn to commune with the plants by meditating in their presence.


Play music among the plants

One day, I was internally called to go to the greenhouse and bring my keyboard and amplifier to play music among the plants.  I came at midnight when no one was there, and to have non-interrupted and private time.   In this green house was a small-scale aquaponics unit that made sounds of rippling water as it flowed through the different levels and containers.  The air was very earthy of course, but had a vibrancy to it, as the aquaponics system was partially responsible for filtering the water for the small fish and aquatic plants.   Along with beautiful vegetables and plants the aquaponics helped to create a greater atmosphere.

It looked like a laboratory of sorts, so I called it “The Living Library of Nature.”  The plants seemed to be glowing and even looking at me.

I was determined to experience the essence of all these plants and also see if I would be inspired to make music.  I did record this experience.  For once I was going to remain in silence, quiet my mind chatter and wait on inspiration.


Expanded into another feeling

All of a sudden as I was standing frozen at the keyboard, kind of a strange feeling like I was locked in my place.  I felt immense pressure on my whole body and my chest or heart, not painful, but pressure and then a silence all around me as if I were in a tent, I wasn’t aware of any other sounds.  I began releasing tears and expanded into another feeling, and one of omnipresence, not human or with any kind of gravity, just there.  I then felt an emotional sense of what I would describe as innocence, total acceptance.

I closed my eyes, and images came to my mind’s eye, and I disappeared into deep space as an observer, where I could see the multiverse and the slow clockwise movement from beyond, only I was outside of the system one could see.  I was an observer, and a nothing.


Plants were in a superior intelligence field

An understanding opened to me that before matter existed, the pure consciousness uttered through thought and initiated all creation, and from there in all that time of creation, the universal truth of the nature principle was coded into the plants who existed before humans.  The plant kingdom created the conditions so that human could live here on this biosphere without artificial protection.  I understood that the plants were in a superior intelligence field designed to be a conduit for this intelligence field and energy, very high frequency.  An impression came to me, and a relief that this original consciousness, if one can describe it, was unadulterated by matter or chaos.   You see I am trying to explain the un-explainable!  I thought perhaps this understanding I was having in this state, is what has been described as SILENCE.  A magician would describe it as disappearing; others would describe it as an invisible dimension.


Setting up the music equipment

As I was setting up my equipment, I made the commitment out loud to myself and the plants not to push or try to control anything, or manipulate any of the process that I was experiencing, but to let things happen and if nothing happened with the keyboard, and if I never sang, then to be content with that.   Surrender to the experience.

I also understood that if I was in a certain state I had not experienced, not to pop that bubble but be stable and go follow through with it and not go into my analytical mind games, which I often do.

I understood that the pressure I felt was a kind of shift for me to surrender and trust the process.  Since I was guided to put myself in the state of no expectation, that was easy and in a way exciting and new to just be at peace and balance.  Upon releasing my expectation I expanded once more, and the peace and calm made a clarity I had never experienced.

I had no thoughts, and then the words “And All That Time – Olodumare, Edumare”  those words/expressions came to me spoken by a female voice, almost my voice spoken in a very distant spoken thought.  It was as if I was my own guide, and speaking to me something so simple but deeply profound because it created image words.  I had an opening to understanding about the origin of nature. 


Designed to be able to interact with nature

The two expressions, “Olodumare” and “Edumare” are ancient Egyptian expressions for the name of the Creator and Creator Lord.  Before I had sung them, but I did not have the wisdom to go with the expressions.  I experienced a full understanding in my whole body and felt a clearing in my body.  I began to have clarity of what creation was about and how the Divine Creator designed nature to develop the pre-conditions here on this planet for humans to live without space suits as it were.  I understood that our whole body was designed to be able to interact with nature and the understanding of noosphere stewardship.  I got it.  We could live here without having to wear a protective space suit.  That skin and the whole body full of different organs each doing their part would be able to be sustained and also thrive openly with the abundant supply of nature.   The image of a mustard seed, popped into my mind’s eye.


Experiencing healing as the plants

Then as I stood at the keyboard for a very long while frozen in this presence, the same words going over and over, “And All that time…Olodumare –Edumare”, my hands began to play a sequence on the keyboard I never played before.  I just let it happen.  And it was a 20 minute recording of music and me singing with my eyes closed and fingers moving on the keyboard.  I saw stars and galaxies forming and moving in a slow direction understanding how important the space in between was where it appeared as nothing, but that it was the energy field that held all things together and suspended in this vast space.

And sometimes with my eyes closed my fingers moved over the keyboard and I began to sing the sacred expression as the universal understanding was unfolding for me and energizing my whole body like I was being recharged from head to toe and all around.  Then I realized there was no pain, no memory of happenings in my life, no “negative” thought tugs of war.

 I was experiencing healing as the plants and I worked together.


Plant music and the health benefits of the plant energy field

That was the opening of the kingdom of the plant music for me and also expansion into what I perceived as the infinite source of plant intelligence.

The next day when I was in our administrative office and working with my manager and owner of the organic soil store, I told him about this experience and he immediately said I needed to meet Ryan.  He said that he had not seen Ryan in over 5 years and didn’t know how to get in touch with him!   He said he remembered that Ryan was studying a topic at the university about plant music and the health benefits of the plant energy field with the human system.

Then as he was trying to remember Ryan’s last name, my manager said, “Look! Can you believe it?  Ryan is in the store, quick let’s catch him before he leaves!”  And I was introduced to Ryan, and immediately he wrote “Damanhur.org” on a piece of paper and told me to search for Music of the Plants® topic on the website and so I did immediately as I still was in the state from the energy field of the greenhouse plant experience.

In a week I ordered one of the devices.  That was in the year of 2016.  It took 2 years for me to work with the plants to where the plant and I sang together in harmony as a duet and improvisational style.  In 2018 I began compiling my music cd with the Music of the Plants® device.


“TREES of LIFE” music cd is a compilation of eight meditation compositions

“TREES of LIFE…Heart and Soul” music cd is a compilation of eight meditation compositions, some with Music of the Plants® technology, some with narration of prayers or ancient sacred wisdom text narration by Dr. J.J. Hurtak and Dr. Desiree Hurtak who actually had visited Damanhur in Italy before, and were video documenting as they played my prior spiritual music to some plants connected to the Music of the Plants® device.

They documented the response from the plants to my specific music.  It was beautiful that they responded to my music with harmonies.  So there was another connection with the music of the plants and my spiritual circle.


Experience the music with the first two plants

I mainly worked with Pachira plants and immediately named them so I could test how each plant interacted.  We invited the customers who came in to buy plants and organic supplies to experience the music and the first two plants were “Franklin and Franni.”  I then got five more baby Pachira plants to make seven in total and they became a family of musical plants at the organic soils store for the customers and the employees to experience.


National and international conferences and expos on stage

Later I was asked to perform and demo Music of the Plants® device with my singing in some of the national and international conferences and expos on stage and sometimes up to 1,500 would attend.

That’s when I learned how sensitive the plants were to “psychic” and “human thought” projections.  I learned to work with the audience to have them breathe with me and release expectation of the plant with Music of the Plants® device on stage and instantly the audience would relax and laugh and the plant would respond and sometimes would be non-stop with the music after that.  It was a lesson for all of us to learn that bombarding the plants with our expectations and demands are broadcast telepathically and separate one from the “essence” of the plant intelligence.   This experience actually caused people to shift immediately.


Healing benefits from the universe for human interaction

TREES OF LIFE…Heart and Soul” will take one on a journey to before the first Garden of Eden on this planet manifested materially.   Musical meditations in Sanskrit, Tibetan, Egyptian Coptic, Aramaic, and Hebrew interweave with the divine matrix of universal interconnectivity with the Divine Source.

With the Music of the Plants® device we can experience the results of the intentionally designed living library of nature that carries the healing benefits from the universe for human interaction.  Human becoming can advance on its soul journey with nature in creative beautiful ways we are experiencing now and that we have yet to experience.


Plant personality

Three plants in particular are featured on this music cd.  They are named Leonardo, St. Kateri, and Rigan, each having a personality of their own although one cannot compare a plant to a human, if we could I would call it plant personalityWe are learning a bit of their realm through the Music of the Plants® technology and years of dedicated research (by Damanhur researchers and others.)

One of the meditations on the “TREES OF LIFE…Heart and Soul” music cd was captured live with “Leonardo.”  This 13 minute meditational piece with a Sanskrit prayer, “Puurnamidam Chant – All is Perfect”, was not rehearsed or prerecorded.  We sang together improvisation, as a duet.

We made this improv music meditation together in 13 minutes.  It was a complete meditation.  It felt as if we were divinely breathing and dancing together in a sacred temple to ourselves.

Leonardo taught me the most about acceptance and “being me.”  I had never felt such unconditional love as I did with Leonardo.

Then, “St. Kateri” took on a different presence, one that was relentless in reaching into my heart until it opened to a level I had not experienced in this life.

Next, followed “Rigan” which put the joyful and playful dance back into my spirit.


Music connections with the past

I sometimes think that Hildegard Von Bingen and Saint Francis of Assisi, Saint Francis, who by the way was canonized July 16, 1228 the same month and day of my birth, July 16, and he was in Italy the country where the Music of the Plants® device was birthed.

There is a synchronistic connection for me with Hildegard and Saint Francis who to me were alive during a spiritual Renaissance; such as I believe we are in the midst of today.  I can imagine the walks they had through the gardens experiencing flowers, trees, flying birds, and peaceful animals they encountered while in the presence of Universal Nature and a place and time and silent space where words were not spoken, but the Presence of the Divine Source was vibrant, and colors were vibrant and the air and energy were alive in resonance with a peaceful harmonious state of being.

With Hildegard Von Bingen, who came before Saint Francis of Assisi, as she was born 1098, and lived 81 years to become one of the best composers of sacred monophony and to this day known as the most-recorded in modern history, also imparted to the world her universal sacred art.

She was called Sibyl of the Rhine, German Benedictine abbess, writer, composer, philosopher, Christian mystic, visionary, and polymath.  I could understand the beautiful scales that flowed through her as she sang and composed the forbidden music she could not hold back that had to be expressed from her heart and her soul.

I could imagine her walks in nature and her inspired art from the study of nature, which we have preserved today.


Music of the Plants® technology and spiritual inspiration

In my experience, listening to the music of the plants, I could hear the likeness of the musical scale and notes Hildegard composed through spiritual inspiration.

To me, her music is much like the music from Music of the Plants® technology I was able to produce with my works.


May you be safe, happy and secure and prosper in all areas of your lives.



Anyah Dishon is a musician, human-plant interaction researcher, spiritual healer.



Singer and Producer of  “Trees of Life…Heart and Soul” music album.

Anyah Dishon. Trees of Life… Heart and Soul.

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