Exploring the Therapeutic Potential of Plant Music Therapy: A Scientific Inquiry into Healing Harmonies



Plant Music Therapy™, an innovative facet of sound therapy spearheaded by Teresa Helgeson, explores the integration of plant-generated melodies into therapeutic practices, delving into the potential healing effects on human well-being. Ongoing research in this field focuses on understanding how exposure to botanical compositions may positively impact mental health, reduce stress, and enhance emotional well-being.

Utilizing the Music of the Plants’ U1 device, Helgeson’s research, published in 2015, establishes the foundation for this emerging field. Through sound therapy sessions with Pixie, a Prayer Plant, Helgeson observes positive physiological changes, indicating potential benefits for mental and physical well-being. Client testimonials affirm these positive outcomes. Helgeson’s interest in expanding the research to cancer treatments reflects the promising applications of Plant Music Therapy™ in managing medical interventions. Recognition from YouTuber Sky amplifies the dissemination of this groundbreaking work, sparking wider interest and understanding in the intersection of plant music and human health.

The Convergence of Plant Life and Therapy

The convergence of plant life and therapeutic modalities has garnered considerable attention, with Plant Music TherapyTM emerging as a novel and promising avenue for exploration. Spearheaded by Certified Medical Hypnotherapist Teresa Helgeson, this innovative approach utilizes the U1 Device by Music of the Plants. This sophisticated apparatus serves as a bridge between the botanical realm and human well-being, providing a distinctive perspective on the therapeutic potential of plant music.

Spiritual Encounters and Transformative Journeys

Guided by a series of spiritual occurrences, in 2007 Teresa embarked on a transformative journey to the Federation of Damanhur. During her time here, she encountered the enchanting realm of the Music of the Plants, where a profound experience unfolded when she witnessed a Birch Tree playing music.

Upon her return home, a significant encounter occurred during meditation as Pixie, the Prayer Plant, revealed itself to Teresa. In this moment, Pixie communicated a profound message, expressing its willingness to be the plant guiding Teresa in the exploration and practice of plant music. Ever since this meaningful encounter, Pixie has been a constant companion, steering Teresa’s journey into the captivating world of plant-generated melodies.

Connecting with Nature through Healing Harmonies

The fusion of plant music and therapeutic intention offers a unique pathway for individuals to connect with nature and foster internal balance. As research progresses in Plant Music TherapyTM, it emerges as a promising complementary approach to traditional therapeutic modalities, providing a harmonious blend of nature’s melodies and healing intentions for the enhancement of mental and emotional well-being.

Scientific Validation of Sound Therapy with Plants

Helgeson’s groundbreaking research, published on June 24, 2015, in the ISSSEEM Research Symposium, sheds light on the profound effects of plant-generated music on the human body.

It has been presented at seven conferences, showcasing the transformative impact of Plant Music TherapyTM on medical therapy. Employing a before-and-after methodology, she provides visual evidence of the physiological changes occurring during and after plant music sessions. These sessions exhibit significant alterations in blood composition, immune system strength, and stress levels within organs, underscoring the potential of plant music to reshape medical practices.

Microscopic Insights Before and After a Healing Session with the Plant

A pivotal revelation from Helgeson’s research lies in the microscopic examination of blood, particularly through a dark-field microscope. Before plant music sessions, pictures reveal a bloodstream with Rouleau. Factors influencing this process, including alterations in blood viscosity, protein concentrations, and the presence of certain diseases, warrant exploration within the context of the therapeutic interventions discussed.

Cardiovascular Health and Plant Music Therapy

Under normal physiological circumstances, red blood cells exhibit a state of dispersion and free-flowing movement due to their inherent negative charges, facilitating optimal functionality within the bloodstream. Yet, the narrative emphasizes that certain conditions, such as inflammatory diseases or shifts in plasma proteins, can disrupt this delicate equilibrium, leading to the aggregation of red blood cells. These aggregated red blood cells are observed to be clumped together, hindering the absorption of vital vitamins and nutrients essential for survival.

After undergoing a session of Plant Music TherapyTM, a discernible enhancement in the separation of red blood cells becomes evident, suggesting a favorable impact on circulatory dynamics. The observed increase in the discerned gap between red blood cells implies an amelioration in blood flow and circulation, hinting at potential cardiovascular benefits. This phenomenon aligns with the broader objective of optimizing vascular health through the therapeutic influence of plant-generated melodies.

Enhanced Immune Responsiveness: A Key Benefit of Plant Music

Furthermore, the impact of Plant Music TherapyTM extends to the realm of immune modulation, specifically affecting white blood cells. Post-therapy, there is a notable augmentation in the activity levels of white blood cells, indicating a heightened state of immune responsiveness. This heightened immune activity could contribute to a more vigilant and effective defense against pathogens and cellular anomalies, thereby fostering an overall ordered and purified physiological state.

In conclusion, the outcomes observed following a session of Plant Music TherapyTM reveal not only improved circulatory dynamics but also a nuanced impact on immune modulation. These findings underscore the potential multifaceted physiological benefits associated with the integration of plant music into therapeutic interventions, providing a promising avenue for further scientific exploration and understanding in the field of holistic well-being.

Helgeson’s research extends beyond cellular changes to address cardiovascular health. Large protein crystals found in the bloodstream, precursors to heart disease, high blood pressure, and elevated cholesterol, are significantly reduced – by four times – following Plant Music TherapyTM sessions. Considering the prevalence of heart disease as the third leading cause of death in America, these findings hold substantial implications for preventative and complementary therapeutic interventions.

Personal Experiences about the Healing Sessions with the Plants

Testimonials graciously shared by those who have undergone Plant Music TherapyTM sessions under the guidance of Teresa Helgeson provide a rich tapestry of firsthand accounts, painting a vivid picture of the profound therapeutic benefits that unfold post-session. Clients resonate with a spectrum of positive outcomes that extend beyond mere relaxation. They describe an elevated sense of comfort, an overwhelming calmness that permeates their being, and a deep-seated relaxation that lingers long after the session concludes.

The transformative impact of plant music is further evident in the release of tension, where stubborn muscular knots succumb to the therapeutic melodies, ushering in a tangible sense of relief. Clients also report a substantial reduction in both pain and stiffness, attesting to the nuanced and comprehensive efficacy of plant music in not only addressing the subjective realms of well-being but also manifesting tangible physiological changes. This seamless alignment between the reported subjective improvements and the observable shifts in physiological markers serves as a compelling testament to the multifaceted and holistic benefits derived from the immersive experience of Plant Music TherapyTM.

The Future of Healing with Plants

Looking ahead, Teresa Helgeson envisions expanding her research to include individuals undergoing chemotherapy for cancer treatment. This potential application of Plant Music TherapyTM in supporting cancer patients through the rigors of chemotherapy underscores the multifaceted nature of its therapeutic benefits.

Youtuber Skylife talks about Helgeson’s research

The recognition of Helgeson’s work extends to the public domain, with the notable YouTuber Sky Life conducting an interview and documenting the story of the Damanhur Center in Colorado. Sky’s channel, “Sky Life,” aims to inspire well-being, curiosity, and connection, providing a platform for wider dissemination of information on Plant Music TherapyTM.

You can find her report here: How This Commune Talks to Plants.



In conclusion, Plant Music TherapyTM, as pioneered by Teresa Helgeson, stands at the forefront of scientific inquiry into the therapeutic potential of plant-generated music. With its demonstrated impact on physiological parameters and its potential applications in medical therapy, including cancer support, this innovative approach offers a harmonious bridge between the botanical world and advancements in human health and wellness. As research in this field continues to unfold, the transformative melodies of Plant Music TherapyTM may very well orchestrate a new paradigm in integrative and holistic healthcare.

More Informations on Teresa’s Website: Plant Music Therapy™.

(Helgerson exploring Plant Music with children, source: https://shoutoutcolorado.com/meet-teresa-helgeson-author-speaker-sound-healer/)

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