The device that entertain you
and your plants too!

Listen to the sound!


Give yourself the chance to discover the nature around you in a new way.

Take advantage of the simplicity of GINKGO and its magic!


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Simple, pure and elegant.

Ginkgo is the evolution of plant music to give you only the best experience with no-frills.
The focus is on essentiality and ease of use. 


  • Volume

  • 3 different music profiles (listen to them in the video tutorial)

  • 3 different tempo/speed for tuning in to your mood

  • High-quality sensor cable integrated with the USB cable (listen and charge together)

The environmental friendly box contains:
  • Ginkgo device in bamboo wood

  • Sensor cable for leaf and ground with integrated USB charging cable

  • Instruction user manual in English

Our Vision

Consciousness of Nature

Mother Earth wants to make it clear to Men to rediscover a deeper connection with Nature

Plants Music Relaxation

Music of the Plants enhances well-being through a kind of music therapy generated by plants

Healing with Plants Music

Being in nature is scientifically proven to have therapeutic effects on our health

NOW we have developed


Ginkgo is a device that connects directly to the plant
and translates its electromagnetic signals into music.

  • Elegant design with bamboo aesthetics and high-sensitivity sensor cables

  • Maximum ease of use: 3 music profiles and 3 tempos

  • Environmentally friendly packaging

Benefits You Will Get!

Relaxation At Home

The pleasant music from your plants tunes in exactly to your mood. It produces a deep sense of relaxation and healing effects.
Scientific studies show that being around plants, both indoors and outdoors, significantly improves our physical, mental and emotional well being.
Play it also with your friends to increase a natural feeling of relationship.

Plants Awareness

Studies have shown that plants create a huge underground network with their roots. They create an electromagnetic “field” composed of vibrations. This dense symphony permeates us, activating an immediate psycho-physical response.
Ginkgo translates natural electromagnetic signals into music. Use it when you are in the garden or in the forest to understand more deeply the “sound of nature” and its consciousness.

Well-being and Healing

Doctors and holistic health practitioners continue to research the effect of The Music of the Plants at home, hospitals and the workplace. We know that it shortens recovery time and aids in overall healing.
Tuning with the electromagnetic “information field” of plants helps us find a state of psycho-physical well-being.
The practice of meditation in contact with plants is an exciting adventure that expands our awareness and balances our emotions.

Educational Activities

The Music of the Plants makes you understand that all life is connected. It improves ecological awareness and respect for our environment.
By providing a practical experience of plant intelligence through music, students of all ages can feel the wonderful relationship between humans and Nature.
You will never forget the first time you were finally able to hear the invisible sounds of nature.

Always with us…

We are the original brand of Music of the Plants, the team developing the original device since 1976!

You can’t get bored of us! We innovate, renew and develop new technologies to connect with plants!

  • For us, the mission is bigger…. we care about the unification of the mother worlds of plants and humans

  • 45 years of plant intelligence research in the Damanhur community federation

  • The latest world-class project in 2018, the Bamboo, and now the Gingko

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