Healing with the frequencies of the Voice and the Music of the Plants


Healing with frequencies is a field that has been long known by healers of nature people and mystics. Ancient texts speak of frequencies as the building blocks of our universe and also in modern science this is a concept which finds ever more proof.

Traditional medicine men and women used the frequencies of nature in order to heal their people. Not only using the physical substances of plants, but also channeling harmonies of nature with their voices to rebalance the human body. Also the Indian music is constructed on the precise study of sounds in nature, with the intention to heal.

We live in an exciting era, in which knowledge known by mystics meet the current scientific research. A time in which natural gifts such as sound and the nature surrounding us are successfully applied in many fields of treatments. In this article I share some of these fields of research and how I use this knowledge in my work as a Voice and Plantmusic therapist.


Frequencies that heal

It has been known by mystics of all times that the origin of all that exists are vibrations. Spiritual traditions from all over the world recognise the importance of the Sacred Word as the origin, the beginning of the universe. In modern science this fact is acknowledged, when we speak of the Quantum field. The matter as we perceive it, is determined by our expectations and thoughts. This principle which has been proven by Heisenberg in the first place, has led to an encounter of mysticism and ‘hard’ physics. The consequences of this principle has given rise to fields in science like Psychoacoustics; the study of the perception of sound, which has fuelled researchers’ paths to better understand how it can be used in medicine. Very popular are also findings of Epigenetics scientists, proving that we can alter our biology, our health, by changing our beliefs, our words and thoughts… leading back to the power of sound and frequencies.


A plant healer as sound treatment

I already referred to the frequencies of nature, used as medicine in traditional cultures. These medicine men and women were trained to hear the melodies and harmonies of plants. A capacity that all of us have, but only few discover and cultivate. Hearing the music of nature has been facilitated by technology in this era. ‘Music of the Plants’ were the first to research and develop this technology, which has led to collaborations with many different doctors, healers and musicians, discovering the power of the melodies of nature. A knowledge that has been long known, but entering only in our western society. We get to know the power of nature’s melodies thanks to the translation of these melodies into our language: the language of technology and sounds we can perceive with our physical senses.


Voice and Plantmusic Healing

The music of the plants technology has led me to discovering and developing the capacity to naturally hear the harmonies in nature and to channel these with my voice. The technology made me curious and has led me to study plant communication in the community where music of the plants was first developed*. It led me to meeting shamans from all over the world that have generously taught me methods that we don’t usually learn in our culture. It has opened my mind and being, helping me to develop my communication with the plant world on many levels.


In my sessions of Voice and Plantmusic Healing I work with plants and intelligences in nature, as well as the technology of the Music of the Plants, I currently use the Bamboo M. I start my sessions connecting to the Peace Lily that I always use in combination with the plant music technology. Then with the other plants in my room, then with the plants and trees in my garden, connecting in my mind with all plant intelligence. This for me is a pretty quick process by now. It hasn’t always been like that. It’s a result of a constant tuning in with nature. We are always connected with nature, however not always consciously. To consciously connect with nature I started out very slowly.


I started learning a step by step method at Damanhur, to become aware of all my senses and how I communicate with nature with all of my being. Becoming aware of our senses, creates a space of awareness inside, an open space, in which we can communicate and receive information that we can’t perceive with our ‘outer’ five senses. We need our ‘inner’ senses to communicate with the plants. Our inner ear, eye, etc. Communicating with the plants is a muscle we can all train. Since I’m doing daily work-outs, I learned to manage to do some ‘weight-lifting’ with this muscle, resulting in exchanging ideas and messages with the plants and trees.


In my experience nature is a natural healer. In my healings I perceive that illnesses – or any form of imbalance – are caused by an area of excessive energy in our body or energy bodies. Nature can use and transform this excessive energy, lifting this weight from us, thus creating space for light and healing. With ’nature’ I refer to the intelligence of nature in many forms; plants, trees and other intelligences that live in symbiosis with them. In my healings I use my plant communication ‘muscle’ to talk to them, for advice, ask for help, insights, and I pass on their messages through the sound of my voice.


The Music of the Plants is an ally in this process. It gives me a constant audible feedback of the presence of the plants and healing intelligence of nature. It works like a compass, a teacher and a co-healer at the same time. I notice when I am singing in harmony with their music, it gives comfort and support. In challenging moments, I notice when ‘something is off’ if the music and my voice aren’t in tune, inspiring me to use a different melodic and sound approach. When I’m pausing with my voice, the plant’s music is adding another dimension. When I feel we are about ready with the healing, I notice in the melodies of the plant, at what point we are. I know that the plants’ melodies created by the Bamboo are inducing healing just like the frequencies that I create with my voice, that acts as a channel to transmit nature’s harmonies.



Zigola Pioppo is a teacher of Communication with the Plant world for the University of Damanhur, a singer and voice healer.

For more information, visit the website: www.voiceandplantmusichealing.com




Now do you believe that you can communicate with plants, heal and be healed?


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