How does it work technically?


The device that utilizes the revolutionary technology to convert the energy of plants and translate it into music contains a unique software, microcontroller, synthesizer as well as other electronic hardware. It attaches to the plant via two probes, one of which attaches to a leaf and the other by a small metal rod inserted into the soil close to the roots of the plant.

The device allows a plant to play music based upon its health, environment and general demeanor.  This is achieved by monitoring the Plants instantaneous resistance.  Depending upon the level of resistance, different notes and cadences are played, from the selected music type, allowing the plant to actually play the music.

On certain occasions, the plant’s resistance creates a spike, indicating an excited state.  This can occur due to external influences such as touch, watering, moving, etc.  Sometimes the plant can spike its resistance independently.  Whenever a spike occurs, it causes a change in notes, which may be more to the plants liking.

Because plants themselves are complex entities, their internal electrical pulsations are at the same time strong and subtle.  Our technology is capable of responding to both large and small electrical changes, and translating them into musical sound.

Thus, the device essentially becomes a musical instrument, which is played by the plant, through the plant’s electrical variations.  The natural shifts in the plant’s energy impact the quality and timbre of the music played by the plants.  The device used in translating the plant’s electrical variations into music captures and expands these complex electrical variations and translates them into different musical sounds. For example, the same electrical variation stream can be made to sound like string instruments, an organ, a brass ensemble, or the elements of a rainforest.  Regardless of the channel selected, the underlying musical progression is unique to the plant, and helps create a feeling of well-being.

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