Interview with Prof. Dr. Max Moser


We are proud to have established a partnership with Prof. Maximilian Moser. We consider him a friend who is passionate about the Music of the Plants and brings his professional and human contribution to this project.

He is Professor of Physiology at the Medical University of Graz (Austria) and head of the Human Research Institute ( The expertise of this institute lies in space medicine, in which he actively participated in the 1990s. He took part as the Principal Investigator of the Austrian-Russian “Austro-Mir” spaceflight mission in several medical experiments, among them sleep and cardiovascular studies, including the longest spaceflight ever with V. Poljakov (more than 14 months).

He published 120 articles in renowned scientific journals, 500 scientific lectures and co-author of 4 books in German, translated into several languages: Chronobiology und Chronomedicine, 1998; Wachsen am Widerstand – Adaptive Resilienz, 2015; Vom richtigen Umgang mit der Zeit, 2017; Kerngesund mit der Kraft des Waldes, 2020 (Core health with the power of the forest).


On November 9th he participated in an interview on the important Austrian Servus TV related to Swiss Stone Pine. He showed the Bamboo device as a means to reconnect with Nature.


We asked a few questions to Max regarding his research about the Swiss Stone Pine and the Music of the Plants.


Terrier: Why are you interested in the Swiss Stone Pine?

Dr. Moser: Swiss stone pine is a very resistant tree that is located at the timberline in the Alps. It has adapted to extreme conditions of high cold and drought stress and over the course of many millennia has developed special properties that can also help stressed people.


Terrier: What are its main properties?

Dr. Moser: It has a special sweet smell deriving from essential oils (800 different) that protect it from bacteria, viruses and hostile fungi. These components silence overactive genes in the pathogens making them less virulent and harmless. This action makes them very interesting for a new range of antibiotics, that are not lethal to bacteria but only calm them and therefore do not exhibit an evolutionary pressure leading to resistant germs.

The oils have a calming and vagally stimulating effect also for humans, improving their sleep and boosting vagal activity. Vagal activity is very important to prevent overreactions of the immune system (e.g. in COVID 19) and to recreate after efforts.

Our institute has completed several studies emphasizing these effects and recently published a paper about it (see attachment).


Terrier: What’s your experience with the music of the plants in pine wood?

Dr. Moser: I have been using the Music of the Plants device for several years with many plants. The Swiss stone pine plays a very nice and gentle music and is easy to connect.


Terrier: we thank you very much Dr. Moser and we trust we will do visionary projects in the near future together.  

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