• Listen to the Plants

    They are singing

  • Listen to the Plants

    They are singing

  • Listen to the Plants

    They are singing

Communicate with the
World of Plants

Over the past 45 years, we have created several devices that make humans understand the language of plants through music!

Communicate with the
World of Plants

Over the past 45 years, we have created several devices that make humans understand the language of plants through music!


Gives a voice to Plants

Our devices connect to the plant perceiving its electromagnetic signals and translates it into musical harmonies.
This unique technology allows you to connect to Nature in a new way!



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How it works

Turn on the Device

Moisten a leaf and roots

Connect the leaf and the soil to the electrodes

Now listen to the music

Our Devices


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Benefits you will get!

Relaxation At Home

The pleasant music from your plants tunes in exactly to your mood. It produces a deep sense of relaxation and healing effects.
Scientific studies show that being around plants, both indoors and outdoors, significantly improves our physical, mental and emotional well being.
Play it also with your friends to increase a natural feeling of relationship.

Plants Awareness

Studies have shown that plants create a huge underground network with their roots. They create an electromagnetic “field” composed of vibrations. This dense symphony permeates us, activating an immediate psycho-physical response.
Ginkgo translates natural electromagnetic signals into music. Use it when you are in the garden or in the forest to understand more deeply the “sound of nature” and its consciousness.

Well-being and Healing

Doctors and holistic health practitioners continue to research the effect of The Music of the Plants at home, hospitals and the workplace. We know that it shortens recovery time and aids in overall healing.
Tuning with the electromagnetic “information field” of plants helps us find a state of psycho-physical well-being.
The practice of meditation in contact with plants is an exciting adventure that expands our awareness and balances our emotions.

Educational Activities

The Music of the Plants makes you understand that all life is connected. It improves ecological awareness and respect for our environment.
By providing a practical experience of plant intelligence through music, students of all ages can feel the wonderful relationship between humans and Nature.
You will never forget the first time you were finally able to hear the invisible sounds of nature.

It costs as much as a smartphone but can let you communicate with an alien world…the world of plants!

We started our research in 1976 and since then hundreds of people have contributed to create a tool that was unique in establishing a more sincere contact with Nature.
Your contribution can help our spiritual community to study the plant world better and better, thus collaborating to raise the level of awareness in the world.

Compared to a smartphone, Music of the Plants can truly change your life.

It is more original, more ethical and healthier!
In fact, our device will force you to spend more time in nature, and the music of your plants will have a beneficial and therapeutic effect on you physically, mentally and emotionally.

Also, if you should not enjoy our product you can get your money back only by emailing us within 15 days of receipt.

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    • Ashok Khosla

      President of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. Member of the World Future Council

      “The Music of the Plants is just to show that there is much more between heaven and earth than is spoken of in our philosophies. Our philosophies are too limited.”

    • Pam Montgomery

      Author of two books Plant Spirit Healing and Partner Earth. Founding member of United Plant Savers and Organization of Nature Evolutionaries. Vermont, USA

      “My sense is that the singing plants are establishing a new paradigm, a new story where people, plants and nature spirits equally share the gift of stewarding the world.”

    • Martina ‘Macaco’ Grosse Burlage

      President of Damanhur Education NGO. International speaker, facilitator and Gaia Education Educator. Musician. Germany

      “Often there are deeply intense moments when I am singing with the plants: my sensation is one of utter sweetness and I feel deeply grateful for this intense contact with a being so different from me, yet able to create a field of real emotion shared by all present”

    • Rajah Banerjee

      Founder of Rimpochatea Darjeeling Organic Tea, philanthropist. India

      “The MOP instrument is incredibly sensitive to the needs of plants. I am experimenting and am constantly being swept off my feet. The plants are playing multiple games with me, teasing me endlessly. Is this possible?”

    • Tom Wall

      American singer-songwriter, musician and activist from Grand Rapids, Michigan

      “The minds behind the Music Of The Plants device and Damanhur have not only created something beyond words, they have changed the entire scope of music and science itself. Being the first to introduce this technology, this is not a fad or the next trend like the other plant music devices.”

    • Claudia Laricchia

      President of Smily Academy

      “Music of plants is an innovative project that allows us to communicate with nature, giving voice to our interaction with plants. It is a unique experience through which we return to our roots, breathing in the beauty of the nature that surrounds us.”

    • Clive Wright

      Guitarist and principle composer for Desert Sky Music. Writer and producer.

      “The Bamboo M is unique in being the first portable self contained plant music device. It gives a beautiful voice to any plant imaginable in any location. Listening to plant music is therapeutic and is a perfect option to literally relax and tune into the voice of nature that is so missing from our hectic modern lives.”

    • Tigrilla Gardenia

      Nature-Inspired Leadership Mentor, plant Intelligence researcher, biomimicry facilitator. USA.

      “One of the most joyous parts of working with Music of the Plants is the moment when a person realizes that the plant world is not just alive, it is aware. This changes everything.”

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