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    All the best you can get from plant music.

    Are you a researcher? a professional? or just curious? With this offer you can have all our devices and take advantage of them in various uses.

    For the price of a U1PRO and a Bamboo you get the Ginkgo and other accessories for FREE.

    This special offer includes:

    • No. 1 Bamboo M
    • No. 1 U1PRO (including a speaker)
    • No. 1 Ginkgo for FREE
    • No. 1 book “Music of the Plants” for FREE
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The U1 PRO device is ideal for fixed locations and professional use where it can play the whole day, filling the atmosphere of the music of your plants. This device allows you to manage the musical parameters customizing the instrument of your choice, musical scale, base note, frequency, spatiality, chorus and reverberation. Manual management of the basic operating parameters using knobs makes it easy to customize the sound dynamics. This device is ideal for professionals, offices or musicians who want to have the device playing customized music of the plants continuously.

The box includes:

  • U1 PRO device
  • Sensor cable for leaf and ground
  • Charging USB cable
  • Instruction User Manual (Ita, Engl, Fra)
  • EXTRA: external speaker as a gift

External speaker

Speaker to connect Bamboo or U1 and have a more powerful sound. Listening at a higher volume and with good sound quality increases the music therapy effect carried out by plants. Inside the box you will find:
  • Compact and powerful speaker
  • Jack cable to be connected to Bamboo or U1 (bluetooth is not available in our Music of the Plants devices)
  • USB charging cable
  • User guide in english
Choose from different colors: black, gold, red, blue, silver. Can be used with Bamboo and U1. Not suitable for Ginkgo (as it has no sound output)

BAMBOO M – Dispositivo della Musica delle Piante portatile in legno di bamboo e con ampia scelta di parametri musicali

Il dispositivo Bamboo è ideale per essere trasportato ovunque tu desideri. La versione M è personalizzabile e configurabile. Permette di creare il tuo scenario e gestire i parametri musicali personalizzando lo strumento (tra 128 possibili), la scala musicale, la frequenza (440, 432, 426.7 Hz), spazialità, coro e riverbero. Con il Bamboo puoi stabilire una comunicazione diretta con il mondo delle Piante attraverso il linguaggio della musica. Questo strumento dimostra che le piante sono capaci di imparare e ricordare. Esso permette alle piante di mostrare come rispondono e si connettono all’ambiente circostante, inclusi gli esseri umani. Il Bamboo può essere utilizzato in molti campi: musicisti, scuole, giardini, centri di cura, vivai, uffici, esibizioni artistiche, centri medici e dentistici o semplicemente per creare un ambiente calmo e rilassante nella tua casa.  

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Book on the history and research of Music of the Plants

Studies and experiments in academia and, even more, the experiences of numerous researchers and musicians that open the mind toward a deeper view of nature.

Ginkgo – Powerful & Easy

Ginkgo is the evolution of plant music to give you only the best experience with no-frills. The focus is on essentiality and ease of use. Simple, pure and elegant design. Music profiles are designed so that your emotional state can deeply tune in to the plant. You can change the following device parameters: – Volume – 3 different music profiles (listen to them in the video tutorial) – 3 different tempo/speed for tuning in to your mood

The environmental friendly box contains:

– Ginkgo device in bamboo wood – High quality sensor cable for leaf and ground with integrated USB charging cable (L=2 meters) – Instruction user manual in English
100% well-being! It does not emit any harmful radiation. No wi-fi, no BT.

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