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    Device are available for shipment after October 6th.

    Nature is a contact relationship that you can’t lose!

    … with the help of this SUPER OFFER. It includes Bamboo M and 7 add-on items:

    • Bamboo M
    • Bamboo Control Software
    • Music of the Plants album (file)
    • Music of the Plants book (paper copy)
    • Smartphone cable
    • Gel to increase contact
    • Organic cotton bag
    • Acrylic stand
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Available on backorder

BAMBOO M – Portable device with selection of musical parameters


Device are available for shipment after October 6th.

The Bamboo M device is ideal for listening to the music of the plants wherever you go. The M version is customizable and configurable. It allows you to create your own music scenario options and manage musical parameters by customizing the instrument (between 128 possible), the musical scale, the frequency (440, 432, 426.7 Hz), spatiality, chorus and reverberation. Bamboo can record music, amplify it with an external speaker, compose music thanks to MIDI signals output, connect to PC to see plant’s electromagnetic behaviour and much more.

The elegant and eco-friendly box includes:

  • Bamboo device in wood body, natural, light and ecological
  • Sensor cable for leaf and ground
  • USB Charging cable
  • Instruction User Manual in English
  • Music of the Plants stickers as bonus.

Available on backorder

Bamboo Control Software – Beta Test Version

Bamboo Control Software is a revolutionary software that allows you to see the electrical signals of the plants in real time. That will allow you to check and understand the behavior of the plants. It is an extraordinary opening of new era of plant research not only for scientific laboratories but for all the passionate persons ready to discover more about Plant World. It is written at the moment for Windows PC only.  It can be used with Bamboo device only. Suitable USB cable inside the Bamboo box.   The program offers the following functions: * Update your Bamboo with the newest firmware (if any) * Control all general and audio settings of the device * Transfer data from the SDHC-card to a PC * Make live recordings via USB directly onto the PC * View the electrical signals of your plant for research purposes   Working with Bamboo Serial Number 2019… ; 2020… ; 2021… . NOT working on most of S.N. 2018… devices.

Music of the Plants album

The first Music of the Plants album designed and arranged by Cigno Banano. Download high quality WAV files   1. Birch at night 2. Chestnut and Birch 3. Chestnut, Birch and Musician in concert 4. Playing in the afternoon 5. Evening in the Sacred Woods 6. An Oak like Bach 7. Concert in the Sacred Woods 8. White Roses 9. Red Roses 10. Red and White Roses 11. Pine at sunset 12. Pine and Walnut 13. Fig 14. Fig and Pine 15. Rosemary 16. Rosemary and Grass 17. Grass

Music of the Plants BOOK – History and research of Music of the Plants

Plants perceive sound and love to play their sound. This has been demonstrated by academic studies and experiments and, even more, by the experiences of numerous researchers and musicians who teach plants to use electronic musical equipment and play and sing along with them. Research on plant intelligence, the sensitivity of plants and their willingness to dialogue with us opens our minds to a deeper view of nature and our hearts to new visions of exchange with all that is alive around us. Composed of 59 pages.

Jack cable for smartphone – Connect your smartphone to Bamboo to record audio

This 3.5 mm jack-jack connection allows you to connect the output jack of the Bamboo device to the output jack of your smartphone to record audio tracks of plant music. The elegant cable has textile finishing and a total cable length of 150 cm. Can be used on any smartphone with any APP for recording. For a good quality recording we suggest to decrease the volume of Bamboo.

In stock

GEL – Gel for high conductivity contact with the surface of the leaves

High conductivity gel is applied to the surface of the leaves where you connect the Music of the Plants electrodes. Ideal if you want to use the device during the day. Non-irritating and water-soluble, used in the medical field (ECG, EEG, EMG).

In stock

Organic Cotton Bag

This small Bamboo bag in organic cotton is useful to keep your device safe during your trips. There is enough space inside to also store the sensor cables and a leaflet. We suggest using it if you do not transport your device inside the box in order to avoid any scratches or damage. Dimensions of the bag are 15 cm x 20 cm.

In stock

Bamboo Transparent Stand

The Bamboo stand supports your device during daily use. You can use it on any table, desk or flat surface. The modern and discrete design offers a totally transparent look. It allows you to easily look at the screen and touch the buttons.

Available on backorder

We have thought about this SUPER OFFER for deepening your relationship with Nature.

Take it with you for an outdoor trip in the forest or in your city garden inside this elegant, organic cotton bag.

Have your device ready to comfortably use inside home or office with the discrete transparent stand that allows you to easily look at the screen and touch the buttons.

Read all the history and philosophy about Music of the Plants since the first experiments end of 70s.

In order to explore sound possibilities you can listen to Music of the Plants music file composed by Cigno Banano with various trees and flowers.

If you want to understand more deeply your plants take advantage of this unique Bamboo Control Software.

The gel will help you to increase the quality of the electromagnetic contact.

Then you are ready to record the beautiful music of your tree with your smartphone.

Share with everyone the passion for Plants World!

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