Sponsor at artistic exhibition “From Men to Gods” in Milan


Artist Cinzia Valente’s personal exhibition, “From Men to Gods,” images of an evolutionary journey, was held in Milan from January 5 to 15, 2023, sponsored by the City of Milan in collaboration with the Graffiti artistic and cultural association.

Music of the Plants as a technical sponsor provided 10 Ginkgo. Terrier participated in the installation of the devices and the wonderful vernissage.


By Melissa Bado

The artist, author of the bestseller “Progettazione Aurea,” wanted to express the techniques and philosophy described in the book with artistic language, confirming that everything can be designed as Nature shows.


The thought of the exhibition From Men to Gods took shape over the past few years, as the artist reveals, “Every time I met someone with their head down, suffering or resigned, it became clearer and clearer the path I wanted to take. Offering my works, evocative and golden, of deep connection with Nature and life itself, could be a beautiful way to do my part.

Through personal dialogue with the subjects, step by step, I imagined it was possible to rediscover something forgotten, to rekindle that flame that was perhaps holding out under layers of dust. An experiential exhibition through which to rediscover ourselves as divine. When we are centered and strong in our spiritual part, we can cope better with any situation.”

The entire path was structured to facilitate a confrontation with the images and, ideally, restore that with one’s immaterial part. In fact, the paintings were arranged so that they could be observed almost individually and were accompanied by a poem and a plan. We obtained the collaboration with artist Paola Gandin, who immersed herself in the contemplation of the works and wrote for each subject unedited verses capable of externalizing the deep meaning of that stage. Visitors were able to listen, independently, to the words of the poem read and interpreted directly by the writer by scanning a Qr code placed next to the painting.

“Poetry Speaks to the Heart. Contemplating the Sacred Geometry that permeates the universe, from the distant star to the artist’s painting, opens the gateway to this forgotten language and inspires us to rediscover our Essence” (Paola Gandin).

What about the plant? What role did it play? The beautiful creature, provided by Polo and Veronica of Flora et Labora, activated a perceptual process that is as yet untried. Depending on the energy of the painting and the interaction with the observer, it reacted differently, and these changes had voice. Sounds of distant echoes propagated through the room thanks to devices capable of transducing electrical impulses and changes in the flow of plant sap, into sounds and melodies.

Plants “played” their own perceptions and interactions, through instruments provided by Terrier Kauri of Music of the Plants. As visitors wandered among the paintings, they brushed against their leaves, reached down to express a whispered compliment or show them the sincerest of smiles, in exchange for a higher note or a livelier rhythm.

This experience allowed people who came to the exhibition to take part in the event, no longer just as guests, but co-participating in it. Each emotion created a reaction that somehow spread out and changed the overall music. It was magical.

An incredible mix that involved multiple senses and certainly multiple layers of matter.

“The visual experience I had imagined,” Cinzia declares, “literally came to life thanks to this choral project that came to involve the other senses. A unique mix was created: the golden subject and the poetic words, the music of the plants and its constant variations, all served to make people let go of their moorings and let go. There were indeed many visitors who came out moved at the end of the tour.

“We don’t know yet what the next stage of this pathway exhibition will be but, given the exciting result, the encouragement received and the wonderful collaborations born, we are sure it will take off and bring an evolutionary message of trust and union around the world.” Cinzia Valente

Melissa Bado (Art Curator)




By Terrier Kauri

Cinzia Valente’s exhibition “From Men to Gods” was a confirmation that art always has infinite spaces for innovation so much so that it landed on the creative union of painting, nature and technology.
The pictorial path accompanied by plants comes to life and changes moment by moment. The painting generates emotion in the observer, the plants perceive human feelings and thoughts and translate them into music. The plants speak and tell a different story for each individual observer who enters the artist’s world.
We were able to experience a new way of introducing the concept of “plant intelligence” that is very dear to us. The enthusiasm felt among the visitors was tangible. There was a fizzing air mixed between surprise, curiosity and incredulity. Are the plants really talking to me? And what are they thinking about this painting? What about me percipiently standing in front of the painting?
We are sure we have crossed a new imaginative frontier that will fascinate an ever-growing audience.


Terrier Kauri (Markering director at Music of the Plants)










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