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An Amazing Experience with Music of the Plants

Another amazing experience with the Music of the Plants this week thanks to this beauty, Begonia!

The most incredible experience that I have had thanks to the Music of the Plants was with a Begonia this past January in Kauai (a story for another time). However, since then I have heard from other people about remarkable experiences with Begonias and MOTP devices. I had this suspicion that Begonias are very talented singers and wanted to test this out, so was excited to plant several in my garden this year. However, I didn’t get to listen to them.

This week, I connected this Begonia (moved inside for the winter) to my device. She immediately began playing scales (giving credence to my belief) and then very quickly began to play a song. However, I recognized this song, as I listened to it for most of the Summer. This is Tulsi’s song.

Well, I soon became despondent and worried. (It amazes me how quickly our brains go to the “sky is falling” when things do not look like we think they should – or maybe it’s just my brain.) One of the downfalls to my work with MOTP is that I’m not a musician, so I do not have the trained ear. My brain started with, “It’s not the same song, you just don’t recognize the nuances.” To “Oh my God, it’s just what the doubters have said, the device has a random program.” And “Oh, my device must be broken and is simply playing the same song.”

Ok, I know that this is long and I hope that you will read to the end, to see the magic of this experience. While my brain was reacting to the sky falling, I was ignoring all the experiences that I’ve had with the Plants and this device. I do not have a trained ear, but I do have a trained Heart and my Heart responds amazingly to the Plants singing. I have had too many incredible experiences, particularly of Plants responding to People to be able to even think that the device has a random program. And no, my device is not broken, the song isn’t the same, for it changes, but Begonia was playing Tulsi’s song.

So what was going on? After I calmed down. I remembered an earlier experience with Peace Lily, the first Plant that I connected to the MOTP. Damanhur recommends that you train your Plant to play by playing classical music or a Teacher Plant. I didn’t have a teacher Plant, so I played a Yo-Yo Ma CD for Peace Lily for days. At one point, when my favorite song started playing, Peace Lily started playing right along. This happened several times.

Just like Peace Lily listening to Yo-Yo Ma, Begonia has been listening to Tulsi sing, so he was playing what he heard!!

I had a new client yesterday morning. As I was preparing for her session, I was given guidance to bring the MOTP into my office. Begonia was practically jumping at the chance to play for her. I thought another more experienced Plant would be better. However, Begonia insisted. He started playing a song within 30 seconds of being connected (only his 2nd time with the device). This song was different than what he played the other day and did really touch both of our Hearts.

Begonia wanted to continue playing after our session. I went into my office this morning and was greeted with beautiful, Angelic, heady music, so complex and so beautiful! I forgot and left him play all night! However, Begonia didn’t seem to mind, he was happy to show off his talent.

Until my experience in Kauai, I never had a relationship with Begonias, never really gave them my time or attention. My grandmother loves them, so I would buy them for her, but that was the extent. Honestly, even though I added them to my garden this summer, I can’t say that I really fell in Love with them. This morning as I was returning Begonia to my living room, my Heart burst. This is something that I will sit with and dream with for awhile. Those of you who know me know that I tend to be very Heart-centered and living from the Heart is both my path and my goal. Therefore, Heart-opening experiences are fairly commonplace for me, though they continue to be wonderful and exciting. This one was different. It literally felt like a key turned and a small doorway was unlocked. I of course, burst into tears, but they weren’t the tears of pain or even joy, more the tears of recognition and understanding.

I had not intended to share my personal experience with Begonia; I wanted to share the brilliance of the Plant World and particularly Begonia’s incredible playing this week. However, my personal experience seems important to share also. I am blessed to have had (and to witness and assist others to have) amazing experiences with Plants in many different ways. I am so grateful to have the Music of the Plants device which greatly adds to these experiences.


Listening to the Plants, I know that my body is receiving healing, for their music immediately puts me into Heart Coherence, which has many positive physiological effects (if you want to learn more about this check out HeartMath). With the aid of the device, I am learning how to work in co-creative partnership with the Plants. The device also makes it even easier for me (and others) to connect to Plants (something that is as natural as breathing, we’ve just forgotten how to do it). Then there are those incredible m

agical moments, where the device, really the music from the Plants allows everything to transform and it feels like I am in a different world and am able to tap into a deeper wisdom.

SO much gratitude to Damanhur for bringing this device into my life and even more gratitude for the remarkable Plant Beings who continue to amaze and humble me and teach me Love!

May you have a Heart-full, Wonder-full, magic-filled weekend.

Jen Frey, Brigid’s Way


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