The first children’s book on Music of the Plants


Music of the Plants meets children with an extraordinary fairy tale written by Nandini Gosine Mayrhoo, writer and editor, living in Palm Beach, Florida.

She fell in love with plant’s music and she decided to communicate it to the world through this beautiful story available in our SHOP.

In the following article Nandini tells us about her project and her experience.

My experience with Music of the Plants

Several years ago I heard a strange music which touched me very deeply. I discovered that this music was being created by plants, through a device made in Damanhur.  I instinctively knew that plant music needed to be a part of my life. Since then I have been exploring ways of sharing the Music of the Plants with everyone I know.


A fairy tale about the wonder of Plant World

I thought of a children’s book as a means of encouraging children to experience the awe and wonder of the Music of the Plants, with the intention that they retain this awe and wonder into adulthood, becoming advocates and proponents for much needed change in how humanity perceives and treats the plant world.

I created nandī, a platform for reimagining how children are educated about nature. My book Nandi & The Music of the Plants is the first of an intended trilogy. In my follow up books I will be introducing indigenous cultures, indigenous wisdom and biomimicry to children.


Connection with the plants

No words can adequately describe how affected I was, and continue to be, by the Music of the Plants. It touches a part of me of which I was previously unaware, and which I am continuously exploring. I had never thought of connecting with and communicating with plants, and the Music of the Plants opened that wondrous door for me.

A book for children for the future of humanity

I want to share the Music of the Plants with everyone but I’ve written a children’s book as children are less conditioned by society’s expectations and are therefore naturally more open to ideas about which adults may remain skeptical. If humanity is to open its collective heart to communicating with the plant world, then the children of today lead the way for a more enlightened tomorrow.

It is my hope that through my stories, children will retain their natural connection to nature, creating new stories around the future of humanity on our precious Earth.


Nandini Gosine-Mayrhoo

(Freelance Writer, Ghostwriter and Editor)

My focus is helping spiritual entrepreneurs share their unique stories through books, blogs, articles and newsletters. See my independent writings in

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