Tree Orientation: the world’s biggest magic operation with Nature


Tree orientation is a project with the aim of reactivating the deep connection between trees and human beings, to re-establish the ancient alliance that united these very different species.

Trees, through their specific sensitivity and intelligence and the weaving of their roots, are the largest and most powerful “living computers” on earth.

We are all part of the same spiritual ecosystem, and our survival and evolution depends on the presence of these extraordinary beings.

Today, tree orientation involves hundreds of people around the world who are passionate about this mission. They use specifically prepared Selfica pendulum as a mediator between human energies and those of the plant world.

“Selfic technology” that was introduced more than forty years ago by Falco and which has been developed at Damanhur ever since. Selfica creates objects mostly made of metals and special inks that serve as conduits for highly specialized energies that can interact both with humans and the environment.

Once there are enough trees oriented in an area, the energy increases so much that the trees themselves are able to send a superior vibration to all the plants around, through the tight weaving of their roots.

Once it has reached a sufficient critical mass of oriented trees, they will be able to adapt themselves more effectively to the increasing ecological degradation and to actively interact with other species, including humans, to generate creative responses and solutions. The current planetary crisis can only be resolved through the union of diverse species and forces.


The operation is driven by Global Tree Net. Their purpose is to launch a global campaign of awareness and celebration of the relationship between humans and trees. At the core of this initiative is a specific technique devised in Damanhur.

People from all over the world are invited to participate, adding their unique artistic, cultural, and spiritual approaches.

The basic idea is to connect to the world of trees and with this intention, open heart and mind, walk towards the trees we want to orient.

With the Pendulum, the Selfic Paiting and the personal Spheroself people walk around each tree three times. It is necessary to have the orienting tool in your hand, close to your body or if you orient in a group of people, handing it around a very big tree from hand to hand.

All the oriented trees are counted. Specific information about a tree, like the age, hight, width or special stories are important. The map of all oriented trees around the world is always updated.


If you like to participate to this incredible magic operation, please visit the website:


If you like it, don’t miss the incredible opportunity to partecipate to the Global Tree Orienting Weekend on May 14-15th, 2022. Click here to discover more.

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