Unraveling the Symphony: Beata Brus-Spyra’s Journey with Plant Music


Beata Brus-Spyra is a life enthusiast and a devoted user and distributor of the Plant Music device in Poland. Since discovering the device in December 2020, she has embarked on numerous holistic experiments. A tragic event that led to a disability later became the creative catalyst for transforming her life, igniting a desire to help others.

From Tragedy to Creativity: Beata’s Holistic Approach to Well-being and Art

Dedicating herself to holistic well-being and art, Beata addresses the theme of psychosomatic regeneration from various perspectives. Over the past three years, she has tested many applications of this device, leading to numerous observations and conclusions.

The Confluence of Art, Wellness, and Plant Music: Beata’s Journey Begins

In late 2022, Beata had the idea to return to painting. Having started studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow in the ’80s, she learned to draw and paint, even though her dream of becoming an interior designer did not materialize.

She purchased canvases and paints, immersing herself in the process. Observing plants and allowing the inspiration of the music they produced to guide her, the flow came, and she began painting. Her first painting in the series was inspired by the sounds produced by Simona, her Arabica coffee plant.

Colors, Sounds, and Harmony: Beata’s Artistic Meditation

During the creation of these works, she realized how color influences the harmony and well-being of the body, blending with the sound. Painting became a unique and creative meditation, inspired by the beauty and intelligence of these beings!


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